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Mother India Is Directionless; The Countrymen Irritated

Posted on December 30, 2011 in Politics

By Agam Dhingra:

Mother India, the country’s allegorical figure, symbolic of prosperity, liberty, justice and wisdom seems to have become unhinged and lost its significance in the present times.

Reforms, developmental plans, governance measure: all seem to have been saddled with a certain contagion that has caught the whole of economy. And the Government at the helm of affairs is worthy to be accused of having weakened the country’s immunity to fight and deal with unexpected events. Lack of leadership and foresight has stalled the rate of[ progress in the world’s largest functioning democracy.

The prolonged logjam in the Parliament has resulted not only in wastage of time but also brought to light the opposition’s proficiency and audacity in disrupting both the Houses and seek adjournment motions on every single matter. The opposition has been at loggerheads with the centre by opposing every act of the government and is also leaving no stone unturned to deface it. Also, the recent turn of events has seen the starkest of parties come together and raise black flags at the Government at every step when the Government tried to woo investors back to India.

The remarkably successful crusade against corruption too has sent jitters down the governments’ spine. The public outcry against graft and Hazare’s mass support is a reflection of people’s anger against the government’s inability to steer the country of uncertainty.

All this at a time when the European Union is on the brink of collapse, the rupee at an all time low and inflation burning deep holes in the consumer’s pockets. In an effort to keep the economy unaffected by the imminent risks, the RBI raised the repo rate by 325 points, greatly reducing the flow of credit in the economy. With no signs of any positive recovery, the Central Bank is still reluctant to arrest the fall of the rupee and appeal to investor sentiment. And with 100% FDI in retail now put on hold, opening of aviation hitting turbulence and other important bills seeking consensus; the guardians of the economy are making all the right choices so as to deepen the crisis like situation.

The Government too stands on a shaky ground. The ever-looming trust deficit among Congress leaders and the finesse with which allies have forced to government to give into their demands is noteworthy. In the Prime Minister, India has lost a reformist who ushered the country into a new era and who stood tall at a time when there was uncertainty over the Nuclear Treaty. On the other hand, Kapil Sibal seems to be the right person making all the wrong noises. Pranab Mukherjee and Chidambaram may not be see eye-to-eye; the former is basking in the praises being showered upon him by the opposition. With so much happening, the party high command —Sonia Gandhi is still in dilemma whether to take part in active politics or continue to recover from her undisclosed ailment.

All across the country, political parties are trying to gauge in voter sentiment with an eye on the upcoming polls while the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu continue to spew venom at each other over water issues.

To bring the Mother India back to its glorious days, policymakers and politicians must stop bickering and lay emphasis on important issues that have saddled the growth of the economy.

The government in power comprises of eminent leaders and well read scholars capable of taking corrective measures but for that happen, UPA must first build consensus within the party. Banking solely upon the Gandhi scion may lead it to victory in one state but it must remember that it needs to focus on the entire nation, resolve the obstacles and find solutions to the problems that have begin to plague the economy.

Till then – happy reading!