Only Earth: A #Poem On The Suffering Planet [Wake Up Now!]

Posted on December 14, 2011 in Environment, Society

By Reena Prasad:

Look out of bare windows
into the sea of flickering lives.
Let us draw aside the curtains
that shroud our open eyes.

Aiming for the highest peak
yet scared of the trembling earth
Walking moonless on the beach
yet wary of ocean’s slightest mirth.

Eons of passing time and nature
can only nudge the solid rocks.
We poke our fingers into nuclear hollows
causing accelerations and energy blocks.

Tectonic plates sashay apart
divorced from decaying locks,
Angry forces gather momentum
splitting the earth, shattering rocks.

We dig deep into her core
eroding the life forces in our way.
Sucking vital fluids, looting precious stones
triggering off vicious cycles of decay.

Egoistic explosives roar under sand and sea,
each pretending to be powerfully smart.
Hacked lifeline rivers gag with human wastes.
fragile eco-systems drag concrete carts.

Who destroyed the Earth tree, Mama?
Unborn generations silently scoff.
We were foolish, forgive us Children,
we sat on the lone branch and cut it off.

It is a shame that we disrespect the very land that gives us home, shelter, food and an environment worth living in. If you want you children to have a better future, start now – spread awareness, encourage people to join in and be more responsible.