Quick Look At The Government’s Lokpal Bill Draft

Posted on December 27, 2011 in Politics

By Saahil Menghani:

So, you haven’t read the Government’s version of the Lokpal Bill. It’s important to know what the Government point of view is. Here’s a quick look at what the Govt’s version of the Lokpal Bill says:

  • It says, Lokpal will be a 9-member constitutional body with an Ex-CJI, a retired SC judge or an eminent person as chairperson.
  • A panel comprising the PM, the Lok Sabha Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition, the Chief Justice of India and an eminent jurist will choose Lokpal and its members.
  • There’ll be upto 50 % reservation in Lokpal for SC/STs, OBCs and women, 50% of the 8 members will have judicial background
  • The PM will come under Lokpal’s ambit, but his decisions on matters of national security, international relations maintenance of public order, atomic energy and space will be out of its ambit.
  • Complaints against PM would be subject to in-camera prelim inquiry by a full bench of Lokpal.
  • The CBI will be out of Lokpal’s ambit but will report to Lokpal on probes ordered by Lokpal.
  • The Lokpal can only probe complaints referred to it.
  • The Lokpal will have independent inquiry and prosecution wings
  • Lokpal can refer complaints to CBI for investigation and can supervise such probes
  • Administrative control of CBI remains with the Government
  • A panel comprising of the PM, Leader of the opposition and Chief Justice of India will choose the CBI director
  • The CVC too will supervise CBI in cases referred by it to the agency
  • The new bill brings the conduct of MPs & all categories of Government servants included within Lokpal’s ambit
  • The entire bureaucracy to be covered by CVC; Lokpal to have appellate powers