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Rapportive, A Free Plugin That Makes Gmail Social

Posted on December 2, 2011 in Sci-Tech

By Sharad Harjai:

Rapportive, a free browser plug-in by techy Rahul Vohra, Martin Kleppmann and Sam Stokes, displays all the information about your contacts in a neat frame on the right hand side of gmail where google displays ads. The plugin is available for FireFox, Chrome and Safari. The installation takes less than few seconds and as soon as you click on an email, it fetches a picture, bio, latest tweets, and latest fb status of the contact you are interacting with. It not only displays the info but also lets you reply, comment and connect.

Possibly the Web’s best light weight CRM tool, as reviewed by Read Write Web, Rapportive performs brilliantly and responds even when you are composing an email. It uses Rapleaf database to pull all the information. So what information will be displayed depends on how Reapleaf has mapped that email address to different social networks.

A lot of people will be concerned about the security of their email privacy as this plugin works right inside your email and also responds as soon as you type. But there is a good news: you don’t have to give your gmail credentials to this service. When you connect Rapportive to your gmail, instead of sharing your password, Google generates an authentication token for the service that certifies your email address. Once the service has access, it can read your emails. But the founders sound promising while quoting this on their website:

“The content of your email never leaves your browser, and we never store your emails anywhere. We’re finding peoples’ email addresses in the browser, and sending those back to our server to look them up”

In short, a sleek, smart and must try application that was started with an idea of connecting more people and today it gets almost 50 million lookup requests per month. Do share your views if you have used this application.