Slash! Here I Come With Your Birthday Cake #POEM

Posted on December 23, 2011 in Society

By Reeti Singh:

When shattered pieces of glass lie flat out there on the floor,
And I know you are here not, here not now, here no more….
Wishes blink, the mind yet fears-
Loosing you, sleeping no more in your arms,
Having you around no more when night yet falls…

Lie alone I in our bed, alone and alone, all yet alone-
Alone, all cold-
Old and quiet… need I now so much your being,
Need I now so much your touch-
Need I now so much your love,
Need you now-
Need you so much…

Its all so eerie-
You were here last night,
Last night when our breaths blew smoke-
Last night when you held me tight,
When we cuddled and slept in sweet delight-
Last night when the world went still,
It was here that we lay, naked, robed in content-bliss…

I hug now the sheets, all alone and bare-
Nothing but the dust of your unkept hair,
One that made me so very mad at you all the time-
Come now back, with your dandruff-filled hair,
Have I nothing, but your dust tonight, dust from the head-
Dust from your eyes, that filled me with love,
Filled me with delight…

Come back now, oh, come back tonight-
Lie alone I in our bed, alone and alone, all yet alone-
Alone, all cold-
Alone all night,
Alone all day, alone tonight…

The wind yet blows,
I stare at the open window.
Footsteps carry me from here to the knife-
I sit here now, where you sat often, the chair near the window-
With the arm rest on one side…

I raise my wrist-
And right where you kissed,
Slash I now, little marks right there and my hips-
Little wounds that burn in sweet delight,
Blood that flows like your endless life-
I head to you now as my eyes feel heavy,
I come to you now, where the world is all merry…

Here I come, oh, here I come-
Death shall do us apart no more.
Love shall cease not to bleed and die-
I shall not sleep alone, or I shall sleep no more,
Death shall do us apart no more…

As drops now fall,
Drop down on the floor-
It dawns on me you are here no more!
I seek now to zip back little mistakes I made-
Slashes that made no sense but blinded faith,
Dead not is what I shall be-
I shall live, shall cut your birthday cake.
Year after year if that is what it takes-
I shall keep you alive,
Alive with every single birthday cake.

Days,months , a whole year has now passed-
Your birthday is here,
Here at last!
bake I your cake, sweet and fresh-
Very carefully cast.

Sweet it is as I sit once again on the chair where I once sat bare-
Cake that I cut and a cut that I make,
Here it is, your birthday cake!
Death shall do us apart no more,
Drip-drop blood drops that drop on the floor-
Alone I sit here bare on your chair,
It is your birthday, darling, come cut your cake-
Here I come with your birthday cake…