Tear Of Love: A #Poem For The Abandoned Ones

Posted on December 7, 2011 in Society

By Prabjot Kaur:

Do me a favor when I die,
Shed a tear from your eye

This is all I can want,
That’s too grand to have got

I never cheated, I never thought,
That you won’t trust me, as you are all that I have got

You poached my heart today,
I have just nothing to say

I wish to die once again,
With a broken heart all over again

A third person couldn’t have told,
What I wanted so badly in this world

I don’t deserve you, maybe I think,
That’s why this happened in a wink

Just do me a favor when I die,
Shed a tear from your eye

I never cheated, I never can,
It got as complicated as it ever can

I won’t ask of forgiveness from you,
As I know I did nothing wrong.

It’s just confusion that created this all,
All you know is a false

When you asked me to be happy,
I wanted to tell that “YOU” is all that makes me happy

All this pain I could not bear,
Will see you in heaven someday I swear.

Think about all I said,
I never lied, I never can…

I believed in you just so bad,
Closed my eyes walked hand in hand.

To you it wouldn’t matter and you won’t care now,
I made you lose all your faith in me somehow.

But do a favor when I die,
Just shed a tear from your eye