What Is Real About Beauty?

Posted on December 14, 2011 in Health and Life

By Swarupa Rani Sahu:

It’s not about what others think of me or even what others want me to be. It’s about being who I was created to be. That’s where I begin to find the truth about beauty.

It’s been said that we don’t see color in our peripheral vision, but that the brain fills it in for us. I think real beauty is very much like that. It’s much more than just a combination of physical attributes. I do not think that mirror can define real beauty. Desperately striving for ‘perfect image’ of outer beauty is foolishness. Outer beauty is ephemeral. What stays for eternity is the inner beauty… the real beauty, the deeper beauty passing the surface.

When we look deeper, we will find that there is so much more. More than what the mirror has for us. More than what Bollywood/Hollywood and the media have for us. More than what any guy can give. When I look deeper, I find: true satisfaction, true beauty and true intimacy waiting for me. I see beauty as a combination of many elements that each individual finds and nurtures in themselves. We all have an element of beauty that is uniquely our own and that everyone can find that thing in what they do that becomes an element of their beauty.

From the physical demands of what we do to our intellectual pursuits and the use of the imagination, these can all become expressions of beauty. These are the things that put the light behind the eyes. I think self-esteem is a major component of beauty, there’s something undeniably true that when you get yourself looking how you want to feel, it definitely changes the attitude you project.

I think everyone seeks beauty in their lives in one form or another. They seek it in themselves and others, and in music, literature and art. It seems to be a basic human need. It’s hard to define beauty, but we know it when we see it. For me, it doesn’t necessarily exist only in the physical plane. A certain woman may walk into the room whose skin glows because she’s taking care of herself physically, but what’s more, her eyes have a glow and a relaxed confidence because she has achieved a certain amount of personal fulfillment. Or a woman who looks great because of her clothes and makeup, but you want to know her because she is manifesting the best version of herself and is open and confident because if it. This is the kind of beauty that doesn’t come easy. It’s something you have to work at. It’s whole-picture beauty. It’s the kind of beauty that is ultimately attainable by everyone.

It’s important for body, mind and spirit to be aligned to enable me to walk to the beat of my own drum. The inner confidence that I have is one of the beautiful gifts, and I would not trade it for anything. I don’t have to be thin, have long, silky hair or any of the other things that our society considers to be beautiful. I don’t and neither does anyone else. All we have to do is change our minds and open our eyes. Only then can we appreciate all the features and unique qualities within ourselves. When a woman feels beautiful from the inside out, she exudes confidence and an unstoppable glow. She brings a smile to people’s faces because her energy is so positive and contagious.

This type of beauty is much more valuable than simply having a “beautiful face” can ever be. Discover and embrace your real beauty!!

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