With “Love” From “War” #Poem

Posted on December 23, 2011 in Society

By Ratnesh Pandey:

Demon of death yet again strikes,
time has come to pay the debt of our lives.

Multitude of feelings in my heart rise
entrenched memories of my life
the day I mumbled “ma”
the day I was named after my father’s name
the day I met the love of my life
the day I took her to be my wife
love, joy, laughter and sorrow befriended
would cherish all in hour of fame

I stand strong amidst horror and gore
here guns cry, tanks roar
walking on paths, blood turned sour
life here is devils whore

I may not live the day to see
a part of me; grow into “me”
I ain’t sorrow, no remorse
for I lived my life the way I chose

All I now expect from you
live your life well and good
so that one day, when I meet you
you look into my eyes and say