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Posted on December 13, 2011

Excellence ke peeche bhaago, success jhak maarke peeche aayegi”, this famous dialogue of Aamir Khan in 3 idiots totally resonates with what skyKpaar has planned for school & college students in the upcoming Christmas vacation.

We’ve been hearing everyone saying to Follow Your Passion and Do what you Love but the youth is asking ‘HOW’. So we had to give an answer and hence, came up with a Career Orientation Program.

Witnessing the plethora of career options which the youth can embark upon, but still not having a concrete idea about which one to choose and most importantly why to choose it; we thought that a structured exposure and interaction with the industry people can fill up that gap. Not only will it introduce the students to the various professions but also to the different aspects of a particular profession.

Team skyKpaar has set out to provide all the resources required to the Young guns to help them figure out their Passion and give the courage required to relentlessly follow it.

“We’ve seen that there is a lack of a proper career roadmap when it comes to taking up off-beat and non-conventional careers. Students just don’t have the right resources and direction to make it big in an unknown field which is still in a very nascent stage in this country. Other important thing we found was that exceptional people who achieved a lot at a very young age were the ones who figured out their core competencies and then built upon it, so knowing yourself truly is another very important thing which we believe can happen through an experience. We are trying to make sure that every student gets a chance to have those life-changing experiences which can jumpstart his/her life”, says Simranpreet Singh Oberoi, the Founder of skyKpaar.

The Experiential Career orientation program planned from 26 Dec- 01 Jan 2012 will have 18 diverse accomplished professionals coming in from all walks of life and sharing their careers with students and clarifying their doubts about them. There would be personal mentoring for each and every student and a career road map would be carved out for them. They would be connected to their desired mentor for any guidance after the program and would provide the right connections so that they can be at the right place at the right time. Apart from this, students will also get a chance to visit some of the leading companies in different fields and have a clear picture of what’s in store for them.

Deep Malhotra, the Founding team member of Google India and Ex Senior Director for MySpace India & South East Asia who is also one of the professionals coming in for this exciting event states, “This is something Gen Y was waiting for. I personally feel that the importance of a real experience is tremendous as it has changed the course of my life as well. So, the best thing about this event is that students actually get a chance to see their future work places in different fields, which is a great exposure. Having some professional guiding you for your career is a lot more valuable than a Career counselor, so hats off to Team skyKpaar for pulling this off.”

Lets hear what parents have to say about this, “The very idea of students interacting with accomplished people from so many diverse background at the same place is pretty exciting. It’ll definitely help students in making an informed decision. I’m surely going to send my son for this one”, Mr.Mevawalla , father of 16 year old Rishi.

Each and every child is blessed with a unique quality. Each unique quality is like a gem, which shines when polished and becomes brighter through the years to come. skyKpaar is that place where these skills would be recognised in order to pick the right career for you. Not only will different career paths be opened up but you will also get the experience of how it would feel to be in this path down the line through the Internship program. If you get to know your career goal Bingo, you have lead yourself to an awesome beginning.

With many fun and entertaining activities to indulge in, you will enjoy this Christmas vacation like never before and the Christmas gift would be knowing what you want to do in your life. Could there be any better gift than this?

We are already feeling the awesomeness this event has in store and who knows such events when organized at a regular basis will create a solid knit community of passionate individuals helping each other up their game. Lets sing it one more time for passionate Careers , “Sadda Haq, Ethe Rakh.”

Key Features of this Program:

  • Networking with industry people
  • Development of people skills
  • Confidence building
  • Find your true calling
  • Get a Mentor for life
  • Consistent support from Team skyKpaar
  • Consistent interaction will be maintained with the students even after the program is over and they will be updated with adequate information from time to time.

Why you can’t miss it:

  • Experiential Information of 18 diverse professions.
  • Visits to leading companies in respective fields.
  • Get a chance to do an internship in the profession of your choice during Summers.
  • 10 lucky students will get a chance to spend a day with a celebrity professional.
  • Professionals are coming from Companies like Google, YashRaj Films, MySpace, Ogilvy, Rajshri Productions, Yahoo, Eros, Lintas, MTV, UTV, Balaji Telefilms ,Airtel,Times Of India,, Percept, Mid-Day, Deloitte, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan and many more.

Dates: 26 Dec — 01 Jan 2012

Venue: Chembur Gymkhana, Chembur (E), Mumbai-71

Timings: 10 am — 4 pm

Contact No: 9922384403/9920584403


Register Online Here:



Age group: 15- 22 years

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