A Super-Bug Called “Facebook” And Its Repercussions

Posted on January 14, 2012 in Specials

By Prashant Chauhan:

Yes we all know what I am talking about. However, there are chances that you don’t feel the same as I do. I am calling it a “Superbug” because it has taken ongoing generations by storm. Millions and millions of people are getting affected by it every day. Doctors and researchers are still figuring out the ways to start the production of vaccinations and medicines that would be needed by persons who have severely suffered the radiation of this “Superbug”.

There was a time when there was no Internet and now there is a time when there is no life without it. Even Sir Tim Berners Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web had not realized in his dreams that what he has created would become a “Matrix” that will engulf our seven continents and five oceans. People go online, stay online and remain online. This routine is followed religiously and rigorously by each and every “fast-track” individual in today’s scenario.

So I was talking about the “Super-bug”, it has surely revolutionized the sharing and collaboration formats. But I think it’s overdone; is it really necessary for us to let everyone know what we are wearing, drinking, eating or where we are travelling or what we believe in, etc. every second, minute… “Facebook” has sooner became a giant like “Bible-Veda-Quran” in almost half the world, if you don’t preach it; then you are out-casted or overdriven by others.

I do not doubt the credentials of Mark Zuckenberg, founder of the “Facebook” for his brilliance in creating this amazing format. But even Alfred Nobel was happy after the invention of “Atom Bomb”, however he realized it’s repercussions after World War-II.

According to a survey, millions of users spend 30 percent of a day’s time on “Facebook”. So where is this time coming from, because earlier there was no “Facebook” still in that time people used to do different things. But these days due to the “side-effects” of this “superbug”, people had started to do same and repetitive things differently. So truly the essence of a new day is lost as soon a person logs onto “Facebook”, because than they are back to square-one.

So beware of “larger-than-a-nuclear-bomb” SUPERBUG, or else it can lead you to situations that can cause you many life-threatening diseases, such as:-

  • Overflow of Information — Brain Hemorrhage
  • Sitting & Glued to “Facebook” — Spondalytis
  • Checking out old mates — Past-o-phobia

These are just some of them. “Best-of-luck” for the future! The more you’ll stay offline, the more you’ll live inline. What’s  your choice?