Are Item Songs Usurping The Throne From Quality Music?

Posted on January 16, 2012

By Utsav Chaudhary:

It has been a while since a song that didn’t badnaam a Munni or talked about Shiela’s jawani became a rage. A trend followed by most of the production houses is undeniably a hit nowadays. But does it mean that Indian music Industry is forcing good quality music to condescend in front of the one in demand? The music industry is veering away towards the path of big bucks & popularity by using ‘cheesy’ lyrics instead of producing sophisticated songs.

Lyrics of a song are its soul. A song accomplishes its purpose when the lyrics & music together touche the heart of its listener. Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi & many other legendary singers reached the pinnacle of their success because their voices were the medium that would allow the soul of the song (lyrics) reach the hearts of their admirers. Even many contemporary singers have given many exemplary songs.

The modern musicians have adopted the unconventional way to achieve success these days. A song with cheesy lyrics & catchy music is something that they prefer to produce. The latest one that became a rage is ‘Kolaveri Di’. A song with ‘simple perplexed’ lyrics & improper use of language got as many as 13 million views on you tube. ‘Kolaveri’ which is slang in Tamil for hatred is on every ones dictionary now. Another recent song ‘Chikni Chameli’ is also on the verge of becoming a super successful song is from a Karan Johar movie. Even the most regal directors are now turning their way towards this indecent item song formula to promote their movies.

Now it is quite relevant that getting a top notch actress grooving to an appealing song with impertinent lyrics would undoubtedly become a hit. Isn’t it a shame for the people of India to accept these kinds of songs which vilify this sacred art of music & neglect the soulful music that is believed to have originated from India?

Music is a field which is open from all ends and experiments is one of its main components but using the easy way (by coming out with similar songs with different but same cheesy lyrics and a new video) to reach the top is something this art never accepts. Being a music aficionado I myself feel that Indian music is very versatile & the ‘Munni Badnaam’s’ & ‘Chikni Chameli’s’ are just blasphemies against this sacred art. Many of the famous lyricists have shown dissent against this rising trend as it is only an insult to their prestigious work to see a meaningless ‘shiela ki jawani’ gaining more attention. I wish the dormant Indian audience & avid music listeners’ wake up, for we always prefer good quality music up on the throne.

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