Deteriorating Health Of India’s Mission Health #POEM

Posted on January 26, 2012 in Society

By Kannan G:

Rats nibble at body of man paralyzed in ICU
I wonder who or what there really was lying paralyzed!
Incidence of child malnutrition comes shocking all at once
I wonder why this shameful shock wasn’t but earlier realized!

Fire engulfs high-profile hospital and guiltless patients die
So many wise policies and safety measures lie immobilized!
Nursing staff tells suppressed tales of tortures and tribulations
The health of our nation seems injected with needles unsterilized!

Incidence of such incidents, callous, shocking, on the rise —
Indifference and incompetence need to be keenly analyzed!
Such indifference is equal to obnoxious rape of humanity
Such incompetence, equal to murder of governance, unpenalized!

The blame for such blunders and blemishes, sure, lies on all of us
All sections of society need now to be greatly galvanized!
Concrete actions not mere debates are now the need of the hour
It’s high time honesty and commitment gets fruitfully optimized!