I Survived A Holocaust #POEM

Posted on January 14, 2012 in Society

By Aishwarya Sharma:

What was my fault,
Please, just tell me that
Six million of my brothers
All crushed like gnats.

Each day was misery
Each night an uneasy horror,
Because, some were missing each day
Courtesy the gas chamber.

Oby dies because he was a musician,
Julius, because he was too old
And the entire Perlmann clan was murdered
As young joseph was becoming a bit too bold.

Things went from bad to worse,
There was no hope of them getting any better
Into our lives entered Amon Goeth
And he was a sadistic nutter.

He killed and pillaged and killed again,
He was a psychopathic creep,
He enjoyed the power he held in his hands,
The sadistic freak.
Death lurked everywhere
And nothing we could do
No guidelines to follow, no rules to keep
Just a small prayer
That when the shots rang out
It wasn’t your family that was left to weep.

Homes were taken away
And businesses were looted
And just like that
We were all uprooted
Herded into concentration camps
And then our labours started
We all heaved a sigh of relief
And thought we had death outsmarted.

For the Germans may be sadists
But they weren’t fools
And the fact that we worked in their industries
Would surely cause their hot heads to cool.

But the killings only increased in frenzy
And none were spared
All over the german streets
Jewish blood was smeared.

But when the night is darkest
Can dawn be far behind?
Herr Schindler came to our rescue
He was a God to our minds.

He fought for us, and risked for us
Everything he had earned
He played a very dangerous game
And could have been burned.

He made a list
And names of Jews were typed
He saved so many like me
Before all of us were wiped.

The list was good, it was a gem
The list signified life,
It gave us hopes and dreams
In a world of horror and strife.

My body might have survived
But my heart is still not free
Sure I live my ‘life’
But all I do is just breathe.
When they were killing, I longed to live
And now that they have stopped I wish to die.

The horrors I have seen
Have numbed my brain
I cannot forget those bodies
Or those Auchwitz bound trains.

All I know is
Humanity had to pay a steep price
For the follies of few.
‘SIX MILLION’ humans were killed
Their Crime — They were Jews.