Life Is A Game Of Surprise, You Live It Like A Player

Posted on January 6, 2012

By Ankita Gupta:

Life is life. What a sentence? Doesn’t even make sense to some and to some it is the depth of the sentence that is incomprehensible. The world is supposed to be a stage and the human beings all players but the difference being that the players on this stage have no script that they know of, they just do what they feel they are supposed to do and what they feel is right. So how do the players know what they are doing is right? Well answer is simple! They do not. They just follow the invisible script that is written for them and bear the consequences.

Consequences! Ah! One nicer topic of discussion. Consequences! Everything has consequences. We meet a person and then some may become a part of our life and then we bear the consequence of that action. Every little thing affects a person and has some outcomes that we may not like but this fact we do not understand and even if we do, then we forget and repeat it, after all we are humans. As the saying goes to err is human. Why the repetition of mistakes is done and why can’t we, the humans just learn from them even though people keep telling you to learn from them? Mistakes happen because we think a lot, every single and the smallest of the detail goes over and over in our heads and we brood over them and cease to never let it go. The atomic size thing that happened on that day at that time is what we can remember but not the volcano size thing that the person did or is going through.

Man is a social animal and that is the base line for all his actions. He will talk to a person, walk with him, give him support and become a friend all because he needs someone and something in his life always, he cannot live alone. Yet people do like their privacy and ironically when they want to be alone, they still want someone close to them with them. Why? Answer is simple because in the end man needs another person nearby and this as much as he denies is the truth. He cannot be a loner; he cannot be a lone wolf away from his pack.

When a wolf is attacked, he attacks back. He will fight for himself but this fight of his goes on only till he has power. This is not some premeditated scheme of his but a basic instinct driven action. How does he control his actions? He cannot. There is no way for him to control his actions yet if he sits and thinks then maybe he could come up with a different strategy but there is no time for that. A human is also in most ways same in this regard as the wolf. When attacked upon he will defend himself till he can but what differs between the two is the fact that there are times when humans can sit down, think and pour over the consequences and then take action. But again too much thinking causes the right time to slip by.

The life is such a big mystery that no detective of the world can solve it; no superhero can help a person in living it also. Then what do you do? You learn to live it? No, because if you do learn to live it there will be no element of surprise and life is meant to be a surprise. You do not become used to the surprises because every time the kind of surprise you want is not the surprise that you get. Then what do you do with the life that is a gift from God as perpetuated by the various greats? You just live it, you do not live it to the fullest because that is not possible, you do not live it alone because you cannot, you do not cease to be surprised because life is a surprise. You live it like a player going through his script and performing the motions accordingly.

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