Management Sutras: Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn

Posted on January 27, 2012 in Business and Economy

By Ranjeet Kumar:

The greatest management principles are not taught in class but experienced in the world around. No matter how well you have done in academics, real acid test lies in understanding our own pattern and beliefs. Once the prejudices are minimized to basal level, a real manager, a powerful leader is born. Human resources are keys to any organization and valuing them is reciprocated directly in the organizational output and efficiency. The task of the manager is not only to enhance the output but also to see that the employees are able to connect with the goals and passion of the company. They must inculcate a feeling among fellow employee that the progress is mutual and growth is holistic. The infinite creative potential of each and every employee should be tapped and encouraged so that work becomes an expression of joy rather than a painful discharge of duties.

The creative appetite is difficult to satiate. The infinite potentials of a human being must not be limited to the job he is supposed to carry out. At a juncture where every being is over stressed, meeting stringent deadlines, the passion within is bound to die and work becomes merely a mechanical expression. Every individual is potentially divine and can significantly contribute to a better world. The energy needs to be channeled properly by providing conducing environment for creative expression.

Stressing beyond a critical point can create havoc in the inner space and mental tranquillity. We are no more human being but human doing always involved in the work and dwelling in the head. Professionalism does not mean that you get so engrossed in your work environment that you fail to feel the essence of life. The important thing to ponder is that even at the end of hectic rat race you manage to win, you will still remain a rat. In doing so a momentary sense of victory may thrill you but truly speaking it is only by virtue of loss of peace of mind, health family friends and even sometime killing your conscience. Actually it’s a comfortably miserable situation where you enjoy but the people around who care for you are really worried.

I just mean that it’s a collateral damage and not a sign of progress at all. Take a minute connect to yourself the greatest personalities have done so and witnessed the magic of transformation. Let the journey start from head to heart it may not be a roller coaster ride but walking across the zig zag path to the heart will surely give you a real sense of fulfilment. Give time to yourself indulge in your passion connect to loved ones and also try making a complete round up. By complete round up I just mean to say what so ever is left incomplete like any moment of guilt anger or even happiness that you want to share but could not share it with the person concerned do it immediately. Remember life is full of polarities so a high up freaking out party may end up in a hangover thus try being a follower of middle path avoid extremities and enjoy being.

Managing our thoughts will reflect in our action and will provide a chance to cocreate many possibilities which otherwise get masked by mechanised living. The famous quote by Alvin Toffler rightly says that ‘The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn’. I think it’s right time to redefine the way human resources are looked at, every human being is potentially divine let the divinity be expressed to the fullest.