Plagiarism: An Encounter With Ctrl C + Ctrl V

Posted on January 17, 2012 in Specials

By Abhinav Suresh Gupta:

No one would have ever thought that these words would be the future weapons of modern writing but not a pen. But fortunately or unfortunately it’s true.

Copy and pasting doesn’t just exist in literature but it has become a part of life of any individual who has got anything to do with a computer system. It is the fastest way to create, edit and revise documents. Nowadays its applications are found almost everywhere, be it class assignments, college reports, research papers, annual reports or presentations at work.

In my life, awareness of these heavenly words came little late. During my college days, I got my first assignment of writing a research paper for getting it published in a journal. I had always been fascinated by my few friends who were able to write such research papers. Though I was never able to appreciate the intricacies of their research which made no sense to me but their pieces of writing could always find some place in one journal or another. As they say that music is the gift of god, the same way I assumed writing your thoughts on a piece of paper requires some talent which can’t be learned. Either you have it or you don’t. Of course I placed myself in the latter category. So when my turn came, I looked upon myself feeling what is that I lack in me. It was that time those letters C and V showed me their power when I used them with Control. I actually learned that it always existed in most of the papers and articles but it is known under different names like Literature Review or the Introductory Part of the report.

Well, all said and done, I am not against the copying of material or information to be used as part of your writing. It has always been part and parcel of the deal. It is the way we humans have evolved though continuous scrutiny of existing information. In fact our religions and the holy epics have evolved after years of continuous extraction of the GOOD part from other religion and leaving out the BAD one. But again, there is fine distinct line between presenting a mix of chocolates just like that to a customer and taking different chocolates, melting them, adding your unique ingredient of sweet royal wine in it and then serving it hot. It takes intelligence, patience and attitude to create something like that of your own which belongs to you like your own child. That’s why letters C and V have no use until they are used with ‘Control’.