Will This Degree-Hungry, Number-Obsessed Educational System Help?

Posted on January 4, 2012 in Education

By Pavitra. K:

In this number-crazy, position obsessed, figure-loving era, I ask myself- How much is ever enough? It’s marks, grades and grade points all along. Nothing more, and nothing less. There is an examination around almost each corner, with reservations ruling the roost, and we, scurrying along like mice in the wild, mad race for the cheese.

Examination, according to me, is a matter of one’s timing, luck and presence of mind. In a subjective exam, what the present scenario demands is that the examinee must put to words whatever the examiner demands/expects; who in turn expects the student to pour out all that is in his mind; and when mind and matter meet, it pours out marks. Duh, numbers again. Is it even possible to quantify one’s knowledge? Knowledge is the thin line between knowing and not knowing. And the line is very, very individual specific. One can go on ‘knowing’, and yet remain oblivious to umpteen facts and facets; and that is the very meaning of existence of the human race- to survive above the rest- and to ‘evolve’, that is to remain in a continuous state of learning- to discover the pleasures of knowing, in return.

Now that is such a vicious circle of knowing, and not knowing. Where in the wide world will this Degree-hungry, Numbers obsessed system of Education (That is sadly confused with academic excellence, these days) provide this pleasure? Only when it will, shall the human race be deserving what it does, and I hope, pray and wish that the change comes along really soon.

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