5 Reasons Why Self Improvement Is Important For You

Posted on February 13, 2012 in Inspiration

By Rishin Mukherjee:

Introduction to self improvement is necessary for people to get out of a life of despair and change his or her lifestyle so that a person is happy and content with himself. It tries to help man develop his own personality and his mind in a manner which is fruitful to his health. It does not seek to end pain or fear in our lives. All these factors are necessary elements in shaping our lives. Rather this helps us use these as stepping stones to developing our life. It is always said that if one wants to create a perfect personality and a cheerful mind one must put himself through various challenging emotional and physical problems, which help create appreciation of the smaller things in life, things which can bring us eternal joy.

  1. When a human being is challenged both physically and mentally, he pushes himself to be better, thus pushes against his self-created boundaries- boundaries which only hindered his path to progress. When someone is pushed, he gets the determination to break open his shackles. This helps him meet newer people, be open and honest with them and helps him stand tall amidst the various members of the society.
  2. Regaining one’s lost self esteem in general forms a major part of transforming a person. Self esteem refers to the minimal amount of respect that every person must have for himself and his life. Self esteem is essential for attaining happiness, without self esteem one cannot enjoy his life or learn to respect what his life has to offer. Often due to the lack of self esteem people convince themselves that they do not deserve good things in life and they thus decrease their own expectations for things such as promotions at work.
  3. Anger management is another aspect of self improvement. Medical science clearly states that anger simply leads to increase in the blind pressure, thus it is strongly advised that one must learn to control the amount of anger in all situations. When people lose their temper many methods are advised which help them to cool down quickly.
  4. Fear is one of the main enemies of a person. It is strongly advised that one must learn to control fear and if possible one must face his worst fears to loosen its hold over him. Facing it is much better than living with it at the back of your mind and once you have faced it all the thoughts pertaining to it get cleared out.
  5. Positive thinking is an integral part to a healthy life. The mind holds the power to make our life heaven or hell. It is up to the person to decide how he harvests the power of his brain. Positive thinking is said to have transformed many lives and people say they develop a completely different view to life once they incorporate positive thinking. Professional help is available for people who want a change in perspective and if one truly feels tired of life, it could be time to take such advice.

Are you willing to inculcate self-improvement in your life?