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9% Quota for Minority- A Fake Promise and a Shame to Ethical Conduct

Posted on February 17, 2012 in Politics

By Rohit Singh:

Vote Bank Policy is apparently what is being followed by the Union Law Minister, Salman Khurshid. Mr. Khurshid promised a 9% quota to the muslim community on the victory of Congress in the U.P. polls on January 8, 2012. Mr. Khurshid either forgot that it is against the constitution to provide reservations based on religion or he just believes in winning the votes even if he has to violate the basic premises of the constitution. It is true that the Muslim community is a minority in the nation and that the community’s development is still not at par comparatively. But, is reservations are the right way to help them? Our ministers have probably forgotten that it is rather important to enable the community to participate on its own rather than providing illusionary leverage for votes.

The Minister has claimed while speaking at an election rally in Farrukhabad constituency in Uttar Pradesh, where his wife Louise Khurshid is seeking election. “In the above circumstances, the Commission hereby censures Shri Salman Khurshid and hopes and expects that such violations of model code would not be repeated by him in future,” said Chief Election Commissioner S.Y. Quraishi and Election Commissioners V.S. Sampath and H.S. Brahma in their joint order dated February 9.

Still, the vague campaigning agenda did not end up here. Addressing an election rally in Khatakpur locality on February 10,2012 night, the Law Minister said that EC had censured him, but even if the “Commission hangs him or does anything else”, he would ensure that people of Pasmanda community get their rights.
This clearly showed that politicians today have gone way out of their ethical code of conduct and breach their constitutional responsibilities in order to stay at the top of the electoral hierarchy. Innocent voters are manipulated in every possible way to pacify them for the moment.

Mr.Khurshid probably himself would not be able to remember when was the last time before this campaigning when he truly thought about the good of the minorities. His comments also raise a question that whether the backward castes stay silent when the 9% would be extracted out from their own reservation quota? Is this a blind valley where U.P. will end up witnessing recklessness and riots just because of a couple of ministers who are still trying to maintain their unconstitutional comments and claims?

The election commission quickly acted on the remarks of Mr. Khurshid and sent an official request to the president to act on it. Ms.Pratibha Patil has sent for the Prime Minister’s office to look into the matter and take an appropriate action. While the opposition party BJP still demands sacking of the Mr. Salman Khurshid. What is awaited is the public’s reaction to this controversy which would be expressed through poll results.

At this time,when the devil is already on our tail and our nation is wrapped up more by scams rather than development, it is our duty towards ourselves and towards each other to make our best efforts to initiate development of our own community and the larger society, rather than swaying to the tunes of our increasing immoral ministers. Such remarks should not come in our electoral judgement and every citizen, who is eligible to vote, should vote only for the candidate who has regards for the constitutional principles. No one should forget that he/she is the citizen of India and rather than a scapegoat to the ministers. Development begins from the labour and potential of an individual and not from any reservations alone. We should not let ourselves be carried away by such baseless allure offered by illogical politicians.