A Lack of Love: The Underlying Commonality of All Global Problems

Posted on February 25, 2012 in Society

By Raviraj Anchan:

Today, as we see around the world, we get to know about the issues which are destroying the very essence of humanity. For so many decades, despite of the extensive evolution of humans and the world, we still are unable to control global issues like terrorism, corruption, poverty, racism, etc.

Although technology and communication have made the world a smaller and comfortable place to live in, the cultural and the socio-economic boundaries which exist among the countries make it difficult for human beings to come together and unify to fight against these problems. Yes, it is good to care and think for My house, My community, My State and moreover for My country, but the time has come where people have to step out and say “My World, My People”.

History has shown us all, that from wars to terror attacks, from corruption to poverty; many a times these issues were spread by one single negative human mind with cruel intentions. I believe it is the lack of love which has caused much of it.If we try to dig deeper into the issues like racism and terrorism, the root causes of these issues are due to some kinds of meaningless grievances among humans which are not resolved on the baser level, which accumulate over time, become big and end up becoming a threat to human race.

We, as the people of the 21st century have a very important role over here; we can make some positive changes in this world. For that first we need to bring a change in our mindsets and our attitudes. We need to spread the message of love and peace not only within our homes and countries but also across the globe. We should all come together and come out of the social-cultural differences that still exist within our community.

We have to change our attitudes about what has happened in the past and try to resolve all the feelings of hatred and revenge amongst each other, and forgive everyone whom we have those feelings for. We all can make this change by sharing love with every human being we encounter in our day-to- day lives. We have to keep our thoughts positive, for then, a day will come when we see our planet filled with the positive energy of love, with all the maladies of the planet which would have subsequently resolved themselves.