Chasing Your Dream: CTRL+ALT+LOVE

Posted on February 22, 2012 in Society

By Shobhna Jain:

Last night I saw her in my dreams. I had seen her enumerable times — in my reveries, her sublime features, her divine touch, her fragrance — she was always appealing and angelic, but she looked different this time. She was fascinating and attractive. I had seen in her the companion of my choice, I knew she could brighten my life, change this carefree dullard into someone different, someone elite and respectable. I knew I wanted her; rather she was all I wanted in life. She filled my world with hope and love, desire and dreams… her dreams… Our dreams.

I was a higher secondary pass out then and I had started my planning to meet her. I heard she likes Engineers and I without a second thought jumped into this dark scary well called “Electronics and Communication Engineering”, irrespective of my dream to be a journalist. I sacrificed it all just for her, and while in the pit of my heart I still had a craving for my dream, I didn’t mind ceding myself to her wishes. My life without her was a large void and I wanted to fill it up at any cost.

Back in Engineering College I made strenuous efforts mugging up all those formulas, kept my nose to the grindstone of equations and theorems. I hated those creepy formulas, I hated those pathetic derivations. I hated it all. One night, it poured, and it poured heavily. I was sitting in corner crying, blocked from the whole world, knees up against my chest with my head on them. Making myself as small as possible, I cried… I cried for long but I recollected myself soon, I knew I wanted to be with her forever and ever. When you fall in love, you evolve into a temporary Lyssa, your heart erupts like an earthquake and then subsides and when it subsides. You have to sacrifice, and I sacrificed my mental balance for her. I sacrificed all I had!

And today, after years and years of tarrying; the day has finally come. Yes it has come. I am on the ninth cloud! Lost in her thoughts, I could not even sleep the whole night. It’s six in the morning and I am dying to meet her, to touch her, to feel her presence, to smell her. I feel so elated to see my dream coming true. I took a shower, and picked up my favourite navy blue trousers and a bright red tie. Lots of cologne and perfume made me smell good. I was ready… yes, I was ready to meet her… my life… my life line!

I finally reached the place and there I was right in her embrace – “THE HCL INTERVIEW OFFICE”! What?!!! I was, since the start talking of my job only – My Occupation, My Profession and My Employment. What else can the youth dream of in this recession-struck era?

So, after this Keak and Cackle session when are you chasing your dream…?