Do Away With The ‘Days’

Posted on February 21, 2012 in Society

By Pavitra. K:

Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Da, Friendship Day, Yesterday and Today! And of course the recently passed Valentine’s Day. Are there any other days left? Specific days on the calendar, marked by a pattern, and even weeks before that are transformed into commercialized celebrations. Is there a need for separate days to express human various emotions? Are these emotions supposed to be essentialised into one marked day?

It is unfortunate when the ‘evolving’ consumer in the increasingly capitalist society falls prey to it. Luring consumers is no longer a mean feat, considering the Internet (read Viral marketing) era the planet is witnessing at the moment, and this calls for a little awareness among the e-literate. In reality, it is high time to realize that the commercialization of these ‘days’ is merely meant to mint money, and nothing to do with expression of emotions. And not to mention, all the hype and hoopla on social networking, when the days are round the corner. Isn’t it suffocating? This calls for a break.

So, let us wake up and realize what is happening around, before it’s too late to get out of this vicious trap; and I agree there is a historical significance to some of these days, but that’s no reason to make it commercial hype in the market.

Hence dear soft targets, kindly understand that when a really momentous occasion comes across your life, kindly make your own precious day or moment out of it, and you, in reality do not need a specific day in the year, decided by the world around you, to express yourself.