Fighting till Death, and After: A Cemetery in Delhi

Posted on February 23, 2012 in PhotoNama

By Jyoti Rathore:

The famous Nicholson Cemetery, named after the renowned British Brigadier, General John Nicholson, is one of the earliest British cemeteries in Delhi which is a few kilo meters west from Kashmiri Gate, ISBT, New Delhi.

Christians are a minority in India and they are struggling with many difficulties. One of the most pertinent problems they are facing is lack of burial grounds in Delhi. The burden of increasing population is not the only reason, the water coming out from burial while digging is also an issue. Discussions are going for the procurement of more land, but for the time being families have started creating doubled, one-on-another cemeteries for the deceased family member(s). They implemented this for those family members whose time of death differed for a period more than 5 years. Generally, the burials are dug up to six feet, but while doubling burying sites, each is being dug up till 4.5 feet to bury the bodies. Check out the photographs of the cemetery below: