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Go Eco, Not Techno

Posted on February 24, 2012 in Environment

By Raviraj Anchan:

Today the world is moving at a very fast pace. The expanding growth of technology and communication has made the life easier and the earth look smaller. However, despite of such massive development, human beings are still finding it difficult to find space to relax. The more exhausting our natural resources, the more we are indulging in harming ourselves and the environment, directly or indirectly.

We are unable to connect ourselves to the environment and nature. We have immersed ourselves in such a technology-based life- where everything is artificial and nothing natural. Our homes and offices are filled with so many machines and other man-made products which are things we use for some time and then dispose of. If the disposal of these products is not done in the correct manner then we would be harming the environment.

This is not to disrespect what technology has given us, but the excess use of technology also is not a feasible option for mankind. We should try to build the awareness within us and others around us about the need to create a healthy environment in our living space. Few things which we can start off with are, firstly, to think twice before we decide to purchase a product from the market. We need to buy things which are actually useful and, more importantly, absolutely necessary for us.

Secondly we can start to dig in some of the old and unused things in our house which we can dispose or recycle. The Internet can help you identify such things and the ways in which these products can be recycled. We should stop using plastic as it is harmful to the environment. In electronics, we should look for products which save energy. We should use products which can be plugged in instead of battery products, as throwing away used batteries is harmful to the environment due to the toxic substances they are constituted of. We can do some charity by giving away our old clothes and avoid/recycle paper products.

Why is it that humans try to experience the natural environment only at tourist places, mountains, beaches? What will we do when even such natural locations will lose their charm? We have to learn to create such experience right at the place we live in. Growing plants in the living spaces is also one of the good ways to stay connected to the environment.

One should never forget the most important thing that we are ever grateful to the nature for providing us- the air that we breathe. We should in return try to protect the environment and its resources with care. Once we cherish and respect the environment, we would get to enjoy its gifts by having good health and a peaceful life.