Sex Education in Indian Schools: The Need Of The Hour

Posted on February 25, 2012 in Education

By Prerna Tyagi:

With the increasing number of sex-related crimes and happenings in every nook and corner of the country, it is an alarming situation not only for the Health Ministry and the Police Department but for all of us, especially the youth being the most vulnerable section of the society. The physical exploitation of both young men and women is everywhere to be seen or heard, whether on news channels, newspapers and sometimes even in our surroundings, in schools or colleges.

The adolescence, i.e. the age group from 13 to 19 years, is the most sensitive and fragile time in one’s lifetime, when curiosity and experimentation is at its peak. In India, talking about anything related to sex in open, amidst one’s family, is a strict no-no. The parents are both hesitant and reluctant to entertain any question or doubt in their child’s mind about sex. The S-word is considered as a marriage thing. They are least aware that their indifferent attitude further pushes their child to the unlimited sources of information today, like the internet which is offering free pornography at the click of mouse, magazines and the ultimate knowledge vendors- their friends or peer group. At the hands of all these harmful sources the children land up gathering raw and false information which they now put to test. These tests and experiments might lead these wrongly-fed minds to indulge in unsafe sexual activities, thus increasing the risk of STD’s like HIV, and also they might commit heinous crimes like sexual abuse or become victims of the same.

The youth are the builders of tomorrow but for that the sexual health of the youth of the country has to be very strong and taken very well care of. The most viable solution to keep the youth aware of one’s sexual health is to introduce SEX EDUCATION in the school curriculum at a young age covering the various aspects related to sex, reproductive health, pregnancy, family planning etc. I am sure that if sex education is incorporated in the curriculum then there will be less exploitation of the young minds at the hands of internet and other distrustful sources and there will be more awareness among them about their own physical body which is their right.

Sex Education is the need of the current times and must be brought into the education system as soon as possible. The sooner, the better.