Small Efforts Can Make A Big Difference

Posted on February 23, 2012 in Environment

By Manisha Chachra:

West Delhi: In this ever shrinking age, where technology plays the universal connector, where everybody is burning midnight oil to become a city ‘babu’, where our life revolves around the discussion of iPads, iPhones, Mercedes Benz, Audi etc. While on one extreme people are delving deeper into manufacture and structure, there are some who move beyond the concept of time and space. The ideology of altruism comes into play when we look at the endeavors of Baluram Gupta staying at sector-17, Rohini.

The hand behind the transformation of a dull citizen park to a beautiful paradise is his. His strategy of planting more and more trees might not be a money-spinner but will definitely be an oxygen—getter. The notions of environmental balance might seem bizarre to generation next, but for Baluram “nature sustains life” and environmental preservation is imperative to keep the “life-going”. Even Municipal Cooperation of Delhi couldn’t remain mum to his hard work and appointed two gardeners to strengthen the life of citizen District Park. For his tremendous labors he even received accolades from the Chief Minister of Delhi in 2010.

He has also planted fruits and varied species of flowers. These include rose, hibiscus, mango, palm, tulsi, amla etc. In order to beautify the walls of park, it has been adorned with the creepers of different plants. The shelter and fans have also been provided to give respite from the concerns of life. From residents to birds everyone is enjoying the benefits of this heaven. A separate platform has been created to quench the thirst of birds.

Baluram’s work was like a shot-in-the-arm for NDPL, which also planted 700 saplings. Baluram also received an honor from NDPL.

Such initiatives work as a revolution in nature. Trees help in reducing the levels of soil erosion, as it binds soil firmly to the mother earth. This, in turn helps in reducing the levels of air pollution and thereby lessening the chances of air-borne diseases. An axiom is that more the level of oxygen, greater is the quality of air. Thus, trees help in maintaining balance in nature and moderate climate. Trees like the best companion provide a shield against a rainy day and harbors wildlife.

Looking at the international level, if people like Baluram make an effort in every country then the number of Copenhagen conferences can be reduced to greater extent as the plantation of trees also aid in reducing the level of global warming. Tree shade serves as a better coolant than air-conditioners. As a result, there will be an end to the sad story of ozone layer depletion. Trees always lend a hand in conserving water, which can be a boon for the generations to come.

People living around the area have got so inspired that even they have started making small efforts which will bear great consequences. They have not only started giving lives to saplings but have also started other ways to preserve the beauty of nature by conducting campaigns concerning the nature and its blessings. Some of them have also begun with the rain water harvesting. Sometimes it can be difficult to create a mature landscape; nonetheless by having aplenty of plants the magic can be created. People living around have realized that the presence of trees can be more peaceful and pleasant than the road to urbanization.

The awareness about the spread of air pollution has created a desire to protect nature by driving CNG-vehicles. People have pledged to keep their vehicles in good condition by timely servicing it which will further minimize the fuel exhaust. They have also reached a conclusion that the technology of recycling is more important than the technology of iPads, or iPhones. Recycling will help in saving energy and thereby utilizing it for other judicious purposes. Solar energy is also the key agenda on which they are trying to work upon.

The efforts to restore solar energy and then using it for other constructive means aren’t new in India. In hill stations like Mount Abu, an NGO called “Brahma Kumaris” is a great example of those who have used this technology in a worthwhile and effective way. Everywhere, tiny efforts are being made which will work wonders for generations to come. And as the stewards to future generation we must save play our best in environment preservation.

It’s how we do small tasks in life which explain how well we can do the big ones. Baluram isn’t the sole inspiration, there are many who believe nature is the most trustworthy companion and with their nature friendly beliefs, they are restoring diversified life over this earth. While some of us are tech savvy, others believe in harmonizing with nature and its blessings. Their lives are synchronized with the changing rhythms of nature, the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun and not by clock time. With the advent of industrial revolution, when from pin to penny everything is becoming a victim of western superiority, we shouldn’t forget the norms of our culture and must try making a mark even in an age of tech hegemony.

The ironic truth is while on one hand, we the people are enjoying the fruits of development, rejoicing the cool air of air conditioners while others are not bound by the concept of time and believe in bonding themselves with nature rather than building an intimate kinship with the mortal materialistic world.

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