So, You Want To Make Money Off The Internet? #TIPS

Posted on February 13, 2012 in Business and Economy

By Arunabh Saikia:

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google in 1998, they had a rented garage for an office. Now hardly 15 years later, facilities at their Silicon Valley located headquarters — Googleplex include a gym, free laundry rooms, two small swimming pools, multiple sand volleyball courts, and eighteen cafeterias of diverse selection amidst a whole range of other amenities that make it more of a luxury hotel than a corporate office- testament to the fact there is phenomenal money to be made off the Internet.

Facebook makes its revenues through the advertisements it displays on the website.

Started as a military network for sharing of classified data, the internet is anything but classified today. From research thesis to pornography, the Internet is virtually a world in itself- a world where people fall in love, hatch terrorist attacks and yes, of course, make lots and lots of money. There is nothing virtual about the money though and Internet success stories are here to stay. Money is made off the Internet in multiple ways, from online advertisements to blogging and in so many other ways that almost seem obscure but then the money is big and in today’s big bad world of bank balances, that is what perhaps matters.

Originally – I read a Digital Altitude full review and decided to take their course, which revolved around specific types of ecommerce. Selling stuff is probably the most common way to earn on the Internet. Sites like are meant just for that, where one can sell things with hardly any hassle at all. Much as it may seem, selling things online is not exactly a cakewalk and needs a certain amount of skill and practice to fix a good deal. It is important to create persuasive and honest literatures to support the product. Besides, only satisfactory after-sale service and quality products can ensure successful and long term business.

Blogging is a great way to make money off the internet, all the while doing something you really like. All that one has to do is sign up for ad services like Google AdSense and sponsored links would appear on the blog. The amount of money one makes is contingent on the number of people clicking on those links. Of course, it is extremely important that that the blog is good; for only then people would bother to read, let alone click on advertisement links on the blog. But if the blog’s consistently well written and appealing enough, the sky is the limit. Professional companies often approach prolific bloggers to carry advertisements on their blogs, for which they are paid very handsomely and often so handsomely that there have been instances of many of them quitting their day jobs to blog for a living.

Freelancing, similar in many ways to blogging, is another very perfect way to make money off the Internet but an essential difference is that a freelancer is expected to be more skillful than a blogger, a distinction that may seem a little ambiguous. Freelancers have a lot of liberty- they can work from home and have flexible work hours to suit their needs. And the small place that the internet has reduced the world, freelancers are starting to really thrive.

Based on strategy, business judgment and, very importantly, some luck, domain name flipping can be one of the most lucrative methods to earn off the internet. The term stems from the real estate trick of buying old and undervalued properties, fixing them up to give them a makeover and then finally selling them off at prices several times higher. Here, of course, internet sites replace real estate properties. The idea is to buy ill-managed domain names, revamping them to make more user-friendly and then again selling them off at much higher prices. Again, this needs experience and extensive research, which is obvious since the dividends, can be insanely high.

Another thing that has really taken off of late is Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a means of improving the results from a search engine so that they represent the closest matches and most reliable resources for the user’s desired results. The trick here is to gauge the user’s intent on the key words combination provided and use one’s instinct to create personalized results to cater to the sensibilities of the target audience. This, as evident, is tough work and needs a certain amount of experience and the willingness to work long hours.

Online Tutoring is yet another way to make money off the internet. Though still at its nascent stages, the nobility of the concept is unquestionable and is fast catching up in a world where parents never seem to have enough time for their wards.

In spite of all the reservations over the years about the huge unrestricted source of information the internet is, even the most skeptic of cynics acknowledge that the internet is a storehouse of opportunities. The fact that a free social networking site made a billionaire out of someone who had barely graduated out of university nails home the point that online advertisement is one of the biggest sources of revenue of the modern world and as I see my grandmother spying on my photos on Facebook, I know- the Internet is here to say and the money will only keep getting bigger.