The iCraze: On What Sets Apple Apart

Posted on February 21, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Aishvarya S. Raghavan:

“Apple”- A name synonymous with, for most people, products of impeccable  quality. But in actuality, it is a smartly engineered, and more importantly, smartly marketed product. The marketing strategy of Apple has three key features- simplicity, exclusivity and the personal touch.

All of Apple’s products are easy on the eyes. The iPad is slim, sophisticated and has a beautiful Apple logo visible to one and all. All in all, a symbol of perfection which is sure to make your acquaintances go green with envy. An Apple product is enough for one to make an impression because the reputation of the product itself is so formidable! The feel of each and every product, be it the Macbook Air or the iPad 2, is minimalistic; the focus is on simplicity which makes it more appealing and approachable to the public and less intimidating to the owner.

Secondly, there is the software, which is marketed as the “it” thing. Many utilities in one single touch. Utilities that are actually connected to the user personally and are created for the user exclusively. For example, you could play chess if in the mood for intellectual stimulation. In the mood for contemplation? Just plug in your earphones and switch on your favorite music, all that with a small touch of a finger. There is no provision of “data transfer” unless, of course, it is connected to another Apple product. The sense of belonging to an elite, exclusive group gives a sense of social superiority. On the flipside there is also no provision of data backup (except in the Macbook).This is one of the gaping holes in the technology of the products.

On the marketing end, if you ever see an ad for any Apple product, the focus is entirely on how the product can change your life. While this approach is being incorporated by other technology moguls too, Apple is in a different league altogether. It smartly packages its best technology and markets the same based on its use for personalizing the product, be it the firsts of a growing child or father’s day, Apple takes personalization to another level.
Another interesting feature lies in the messages. Apple was one of the first to introduce a conversation view of messages. This feature struck a chord with the public for two reasons. One, it became easier to get the flow of the conversation; and two, it was almost like an instant messenger, with a feel of having a face to face conversation.

In this fast paced life where people don’t have time for each other, technology fills the void of the human touch and Apple excels in doing so, because it understands the emotional needs of the market and moulds a product that fulfills each and every one of them.