The People Of Gujarat Need ‘Sadbhavna’, Mr. CM! [An Open Letter To Narendra Modi]

Posted on February 28, 2012 in Politics

A message to the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, post ten years of Godhra riots by Sabari Saran:

Ten years post Godhra riots; one man still stands tranquil and unmoved – Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. And anguished people of the nation only wonder if the man is so rigid in nature that the loss of thousands of people is too diminutive for him. The people can gloat and only shout on top of their voices who claim to replicate the loss with the development-funda of our future PM (as projected by many of his followers).

Sadbhavna, Mr. Minister, for you should have started from their homes. At places where the ghosts of riots still haunt people’s lives, my future PM is busy posting his tweets on the multi-million packages he announces at each of his Sadbhavna venue. A penny of remorse would have done wonders to them, honourable CM; only if you would have tried. But you surely never cared.

You can claim, there exists an anti-Modi lobby to denigrate you and your state, but it only exists because you left those stones unturned. I don’t know if you are a politician, because your services fail to reach these sections of people even after ten years. I don’t even know if you are an administrator, as you fail to execute the meaning of ‘development’ to the people who are also ‘yours’ and I also don’t know if you are the architect of the new Gujarat, as you fail to construct and build upon your mistakes and faults committed in your tenure. What has followed is only ignorance and the habit or decision of progressing with that ignorance.

Your state is growing, even faster than the pace of India and being among the rat racers, you want to put aside and sideline the problems and issues of people who come in between your objectives of idealism.

You can have a Gujarat Gaurav Yatra. You can also have a Sadbhavna Yatra. You can even pose a vibrant Gujarat as answer to all questions that people ask you. The ones who take it are on-board for you and the rest who are angry, as usual are alienated and literally made to fall off the map.

Sadbhavna is about kindness, compassion and empathy and should be given by rising above the religious ground of the self. Give to people who need it the most, Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. Give it to people who need it the most. Will you now?

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