The Tenacious Youth in Reel Life

Posted on February 25, 2012 in Media

By Sanchita Dalal:

“The young are permanently in a state resembling intoxication” –Aristotle.

The period 2001 to 2011 marks the advent of Hindi commercial movies that portray the exuberance of the youth. All of these films have a message of their own. Messages that are delivered through the stellar performances by Hindi film industry’s some of the best names  who have proved their acting prowess, mind-blowing music and lyrics by combination of the industry’s  prominent personalities , directors and story tellers who have the capacity to apprehend the mindset of young generation.

A Generation Awakens

These movies through their commendable degree of orchestrations of events intend to articulate the fact that — change is inevitable in life. Youth is not only meant for enjoying with friends. The journey of life is full of ups and downs. The effervescence of youth tries to defy present systems prevailing in society; it demands logic; it raises questions about society’s cruel system — like the heartless system of education, the system which compels a student to commit to memory, to obsess their parents with high grades in examination and its dangerous repercussions which drive a student to end his life. Youth dares to echo that proper education comes by running after excellence — through questioning rather accepting anything blindly, through inventing and experimenting instead of copying. It prefers listening to heart’s calling to make a difference (“Three Idiots”).
Our struggle for independence did not end after the British left India. There remain even more perilous issues like defective education system, corruption, injustice in legal system, terrorism hindering the growth of a nation. The young generation is capable enough to wage a war against these social evils in their own way. Like the freedom fighters of the past, the new generation too is able to sacrifice their lives for the country (“Rang De Basanti”).

The emotion of romantic entanglement plays an important part in young age. Significance of love cannot be felt until one falls in love with someone. Akash (Amir Khan in “Dil Chahta Hai”) too could not realize the enchantment of romance until he himself experienced the pangs of this wonderful emotion. Age is not a bar to get attached with someone mentally — Siddharth (Akshay Khanna in the same film) had to make strenuous efforts to explain his “mature” view about love to his friends. Love is a perpetual truth and it can happen even at the backdrop of communal violence. It is a feeling that makes lovers to pine in silence and wait for an indefinite period for each other (“Mausam”). It does not abide by the narrow distinction of cast; it defies the border between two enemy countries. True love enables one to sacrifice for each other — even at the cost of spending whole life in the dark room of prison (Veer Zara). Youth has the ability to glorify love in every aspect of life.

The vigour of youth provokes one to take a serious look on life. It  knows how  to deal with mistakes in life, to find direction and sense of purpose in life , to remain firm in individual’s aim, to shape the destiny of oneself and to prove one’s mettle in life (“Lakshya”, “Wake Up Sid”).

Youth’s take on life is that of an adventurous journey which should be enjoyed at every moment. It requires a lot of courage to explore true spirit of life. Life’s flavour of adventure can be seen in conquering one’s fear or confronting one’s past. Live your life to the fullest–is the philosophy that the new generation tries to deliver through their acts (“Zindegi Na Milegi Dobara”).

There is negative aspect of youth — arrogance gives rise to pride. Losing in the midst of fame and wealth, life of luxury can lead one to secluded life and to some extent to end one’s life (“Dirty Picture”). It needs a lot of courage and self confidence to come back to the centre stage (“Fashion”).

Restlessness is synonymous to youthful vigour; this has been expressed through some of the recent wonderful fictional tapestries of Hindi movies. Life is the greatest teacher — this view has been framed in those films suitably. The lead characters of all of these narratives experience a huge twist in life. Bollywood has shown that it is possible to make intelligent as well as enjoyable movies without displaying titillating skin show. These movies are the real visual treat. The youth has a significant role in building the nation and in the fight against corruption — this reel life message has been reflected again and again through various protests in real life like — protest against injustice (Jessica Lall case) in India, the Tunisian Revolution and Wall-Street protests abroad.

The year 2011 marked the sad demise of the Hindi movie industry’s evergreen hero Dev Anand. Despite his age, he carried off the role of romantic hero with élan. This superstar had also intended to glorify youth throughout his work and life. The new generation reinforces Lord Tennyson’s Ulysses’ spirit i.e. “drink life to the lees” and that is their inner desire which they express without inhibition.