Top 5 Most Used Apps For Android, Blackberry and iPhone

Posted on February 28, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Sabah Kochar:

1. Android Phones:

Hopstop — A boon for those of you who have to go through the bus routes and crowded subways of big cities. Be it The Big Apple or Dilwaalon ki Dilli, or any city full of complicated subway and bus lines, this Android App is an accurate subway and bus navigation system. You do have to know the address of your location, but HopStop does a good job guiding you even an intersection, which some services struggle with. It also maps out how long it will take you to walk around, features a lot of flexible options to modify your route, and lets you save routes for the future and view them offline, which is helpful if you’re underground.

Google Voice – Google Voice is one handy Android app, with which you get a free number for receiving calls, sending texts, and even receive access to your voicemail and text messages over the Web. With the Android app, you can even keep your true mobile number private by making outgoing calls using your Google Voice number instead. This one’s worth a try.

IMO Chat – For all you networking and IM addicts, you can now use your Android phone to chat with friends using instant messaging application IMO Chat which eliminate the hassle of carrying on multiple conversations on different IM apps. IM on Facebook, GTalk, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, Skype, and more with this app. The best part? It’s free.

Shazam – If you want to impress your friends with a mobile app, show them Shazam. Ever hear a song being played at a store or on the radio and ask yourself, “Oh, what song is that?” That’s where Shazam comes in. Just hit the button and let it listen for 15 seconds, query its database, and then return the name of artist and the song. It has about an 80% success rate.

Places Directory – This is a great app for finding anything, – from shops to services near your current location. From restaurants to malls to movie theatres to bowling alleys to taxis; this app is very accurate and takes advantage of the business information from Google Local. Really useful, especially for those who are new to a city or town.

2. iPhone Apps:

Opera Mini – When the Safari browser that came pre-installed on your iPhone simply won’t load, Opera Mini wins. The first true alternative browser for Apple’s iPhone isn’t a better browser than Mobile Safari–at least most of the time–but when your network totally fails you, Opera Mini pulls Web pages out where Apple’s own browser stalls.

Wikipedia — Your one stop shop for pretty much any kind of important information on various subjects and people, this ever-handy app is just what you need; be it for the emergency presentation, or winning that bet over your friend.

Hootsuite – HootSuite for iPhone is a social media aggregation app, meaning it lets you manage up to five profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, all from one central interface. Not just that, but upgrading to the premium version of this versatile app, lets you manage an unlimited number of profiles, and provides more data about the effects of your social networking outreach.

Instagram – Some apps apply a vintage touch to your photos, and others let you share your photos with friends. Instagram does both, making mobile photography social. Instagram’s defining feature is its feed. You can “follow” your friends and various media outlets, and if they follow you back your shared shots appear on the feed for everyone’s to view and comment.

Shop Savvy – A must-have for professional bargain hunters, the Shop Savvy app lets you compare prices and deals on the fly. Just scan the barcode of any item and in an instant you have a list that compares best prices online versus the local store – plus access to customer reviews, tips about coupon codes, and more. You can even share shopping lists via email, Facebook or Twitter

3. Blackberry Apps:

Blackberry Messenger – The ever- popular ‘’BBM’’ or Blackberry Messenger lets you use its IM client, and you can quickly and easily communicate with other BlackBerry device owners. Using your unique BlackBerry PIN (or bar code), you can add all of your BlackBerry friends and then chat with them or share your files, images, videos, and location.

BitBop — If you want to watch mobile TV, then this cool, new app streams premium TV content to your BlackBerry device. You can also download shows for viewing when a wireless connection isn’t available.

Viigo — Get informed faster with Blackberry’s app, ‘Viigo’. It delivers news and information to your BlackBerry. Modules include sports, business and finance, entertainment, and local and national weather.

Mobile Checkbook – You can constantly keep track of your checking, savings, and credit card transactions and balances on your handset with the help of Mobile Checkbook. This tool also lets you record transactions as they happen, reconcile balances, and schedule recurring transactions on the go.

Tether – This app allows your PC or Mac laptop to connect to the Internet via your BlackBerry’s 3G services.

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 We know we missed Movie Box, but it was only to save it for last. Movies on the go on your phone, what more could you want for your morning commute?
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