12 Indian Youth On Changes Required In The Indian Education System

Posted on March 16, 2012

On our forum, we asked you about your views on what changes the Indian education system required. (check it out here) We got a tremendous response and some amazing ideas. Out of a total of 49 amazing ideas, we selected 12 crisp voices. Check out these suggestions below.

RoopaliBansal– Students should be encouraged to experiment rather than mug up from the start. In fact, the biggest problem is the cut-throat competition to get into an IIT or any other reputed college. Instead a system should be built wherein a student should be evaluated on the aptitude and skills related to the course they are opting for. This will change the mind-set of their parents, as they will now encourage them to explore rather than to cram all the stuff.

MDK: There needs to be motivation for the students to specialise in their fields which happens only when the standard of education delivered at the undergraduate level is inspiring. We see many students losing interest in their core disciplines due to the fact that their 3 or 4 year Undergraduate program never triggered any love for their disciplines. Let us work towards strengthening the system from its base.

Praveen2s: According to me, the Senior Secondary education needs to broaden the perspectives of the students and tell them the various ways and careers they can choose. The trend of going to Coaching Institutes should be controlled – they only narrow down the minds and make the students feel stigmatized if they don’t get into any Premium Institutes.

HSM: We need to upgrade our Higher Education Systems like Masters and Doctorates. Invest more in Science & Management Research as well. India can invest tremendously in Management research, looking at the way we manage our country, and Science should go unsaid looking at the number of our people pursuing Masters and PhDs abroad. There should be flexibility in introducing courses which are contemporary for people who wish to pursue. We need to change with changing times!

Yeshu_al: Meanwhile, before we change our higher education system, we need to re-structure primary education. Our primary education system is one of the most hectic ones, I feel. We need to reduce the work load for the students by involving them in a more practical world rather than theory. Having said that, I would like to see that the knowledge that is being imparted does not suffer because I firmly believe that the success of Indians at higher level is mainly due to the strong basics and if you have strong basics, you can build on it at a later stage.

Ridhirajpal: I truly believe that the education system should move away from ‘you need to know all this’ to ‘let’s see what you can learn based on your capabilities’. Basic language, communication, mathematical skills etc. are important for every person, so that they have a solid foundation in education. However, not all humans have the same kind of skills and talent, and thus, after a certain point, children need a little bit of customized education. That’s why I somehow believe that there need to be more vocational choices in school, at around the secondary school level. Children will gradually start to understand what they like, and what they don’t, and will start narrowing down on a good career path for themselves. Instead of being confused after passing school as to what should they do, they’d be ready with a plan, because they’d know what all areas they specialized in, in school.

ShrayJaiMishra: In our education system there is no such provision as verbal examination. There are students who do know the answers but are weak when it comes to writing. You can call it mild Dyslexia to an extent. Even I use to face the same trouble, I was the student with maximum number of answers to every question asked in class, but when it comes to expressing my thoughts in examination paper, I am not able to give my 100%.

NVS: I am of the opinion is that the government should work to centralize the education system in India. I mean, I don’t understand the system of State Boards and Central Boards in spite of living in one country. Let’s keep the same board and the exams can be conducted in local language. This can make it easy to evaluate the students at higher levels and also increases the flexibility.

Kute13: Well, I think we have to first educate the educators since I believe we lack the inspiration that we should get from our teachers. Basically, teachers in our schools WORSHIP the rote-learning system and are incapable of nurturing the natural talents that a child may have. So I think our main problem is with the education providers. If we make sure that teachers actually TEACH, there is no way that the system cannot be changed.

Aditya: One of the major problems in Indian education system is lack of good faculty and resources. What if we can share the faculty and resources?
Like IITs have the best Faculty, what if we can provide live lectures from IITs to every college in India? This all will be possible after completion of this project. They are planning to lay down high bandwidth fibres all across the country connecting all the top level institutes. Once this is done then Video conference will be a common thing. Students or even Faculty from various colleges can discuss and solve problems.

Neelesh: Yes, it is a point that many people don’t send their children to schools just because of lack of funds. But I have seen a lot of examples, in my village, when the government school provides free education for lower castes and girls too, but many of the children don’t go to school. Some just don’t like it, their parents being uneducated don’t tell them to go, while some other teenagers start helping their fathers on farms and other things. I don’t think free education can solve that. And another thing, there are no schools in many remote areas and I think government should focus more on building schools there and not just free education.

Anantagrwl: (Suggesting some changes in the current system)

A practical-oriented course about our culture in detail, and how it is superior/more beautiful/ unique in its own way. (For example, Sanskrit is the mother of all languages, dance forms, music forms, all originated in India). A specific course-sort-of on this, so that kids don’t think that the western civilization is any greater than their own.

A course educating about the constraints and unjustifiable acts of strict religious groups should be taught, not in derogatory language so as to anger them, but neutrally just to make children and college-goers aware of the harm done by these irrational people to our sacred country.

I am all for sex education, and the upliftment of women, as these two are seemingly unrelated, but intricately interwoven. “Mother” India, not “Father” India. The women of our country have to rise, and this will occur only when they are respected as someone greater than men, this has to start at the grassroots level, when their equality with men is established, and age-old-orthodoxies are shed off.

Many have spoken and as the issue continues to grow hotter, add your voice to the pot. Do you think there are any other changes that you wish to see in the current Education System of the nation? Visit the forum NOW and add your views.

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