24 Women On How It Is To Be A Woman In India [A Photo Statement] #Findia

Posted on March 9, 2012 in PhotoNama, Society

Read My Voice! – How does it feel like to be an Indian woman. A statement from Indian women to India.

Multimedia Project by Christina Feistritzer and Lora Tasseva as part of Findia, a Charity-, Art- & Journalism Project by Mathias Haas www.mathiashaas.com. Find more Info at www.findiaproject.org;
Photos by Philipp Benedikt www.philippbenedikt.com; ©Findia

"I am proud I am an Indian"
"India is a country of godesses, that is why even Indian woman must be given respect"
"Stop domestic violence"
"Stop woman and girl trafficking"
"My country is colorful. I'd love to work for those in need"
"It is a good and proud moment to be an Indian woman"
"Stop the rape of women"
"Stop child marriage"
"Projection surface for western values: white, money, "easy girl" (if not married)"
"Equal poverty rights"
"Be proud of who you are"
"Stop sexual harassment"
"Stop feeling threatened"
"Stop woman trafficking"
"Various culture, tradition, languages. But still WE STAND 1. Bharat (India)"
"Stop female foeticide"
Queer feminist activist, Pramada Menon joined in too. "Delightful. Would not be anywhere else"
"Stop domestic violence"
"Being an Indian woman is not easy, but it's worth it"
It's not progressive to circumcise girls"
"Women need to get more sexual freedom"
"Don't judge what we wear"
"Stop women in equality"
"Please stop equating age to marriage"


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