5 Reasons Why Congress Is Failing The Common Man

Posted on March 22, 2012 in Politics

By Saurabh Sahni:

The recent elections in some states of India proved that Congress has lost its control over the common man in the country. And it has been their story for quite some time now. Reasons have been plenty behind it.

1. Failure of Union Budget 2012-13
The Union Budget for the financial year 2012-13 was rated as “below mediocre”. It was said that the budget failed to benefit the common man and this attracted a lot of criticism for the Congress party. The budget was said to not fulfill the needs and demands of the farmers and failed to bring the prices under control.

2. Failing to utilize the SSA funds
The ruling party was criticized recently for not utilizing the SSA funds. The fund was supposed to be utilized for purchase of school uniforms for over one-lakh students. Reports have it that Rs.743.16 lakhs of fund lapsed under the Congress control during the 2010-11 financial year because of non-utilization of these funds. This deprived over one-lakh students who could have been provided school uniforms and this, in a way, has led to violation of the Right to Education Act.

3. Issue with minorities
Another issue lying against the Congress is that it does not have a sub quota in the OBC reservation. It can be said that Congress has not realized yet that this country is no more the old India now and are well aware about the political gimmicks now. For instance, even though Rahul Gandhi tried his best with his campaign of eating and sleeping with the Dalit and walking with the Muslims, the Congress party surely lacked a regional face. The party probably banked upon that Rahul Gandhi would easily make his party win in UP, which never happened.

4. Rally failing to attract votes
Congress party failed to attract much votes through the rallies in different cities, and the mistake behind it has been of the party itself. For instance, there was failure of public address system in Goa’s rally while the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, was in the middle of his speech. This took about half an hour to be fixed.

5. Elections of 2012
The elections of 2012 have been quite surprising up till now. And one thing common in all the elections has been that Congress has failed to capitalize throughout the nation.

One considerable fact to note was Congress failed miserably in all those cities where the majority of votes were of the minorities. Mass-level corruption is probably another reason contributing to its failure. It has been criticized that it has no intention of developing itself in future and has been giving false assurance to the common man of the country that their wishes will one day solidify. The party’s bad decisions have indeed made the common man of India suffer and this might mark the end of the rule of the largest “secular” party of the country. If this continues to be the policies and methods of Congress, after 50 years we would probably be telling our grandchildren that “once upon a time there existed a political party named Congress”.