Apple, Nokia, Samsung and Many More! What To Choose?

Posted on March 14, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Udit Garg:

Which mobile manufacturer is the best? Which mobile is cheapest? Which mobile to buy? Any mobile buyer has millions of questions like these, but does every mobile seller have the same answer to each question? No, impossible to do that!

I am not a tech-savvy person, but I have quite an interest in the subject because I realised that I actually have a lot of experience in the “field” — I’ve used various mobile devices in my short life, ranging from various different manufacturers. I had an old Black-and-White Nokia phone, then I got myself a Nokia 5800, then got bored and bought myself the Samsung Guru, then the Samsung Wave, then an HTC Touch, then a Nokia X1, then Nokia E6, and then finally an Apple iPhone 4; quite a list isn’t it?

But even today, after the experience I seem to have when it comes to these matters, if I go to the electronics market to buy a mobile, I will yet again be confused as ever! So, in order to simplify matters for myself and all readers of Youth Ki Awaaz, let’s talk about each mobile manufacturer one by one:

Nokia: Great phones at cheap cost, good touch screen, loads of 3rd party applications, Symbian in most cases, slow processors, camera isn’t great in most models, huge scope for development.

Samsung: Cheapest and reasonably-good quality phones, cheap material used, cost-cutting features incorporated, good touch screen, Android and Bada in most popular models, millions of applications on the Android Store, great camera quality, easy-to-use interface.

Apple: iOS, easiest-to-use interface, practically no Bluetooth, not much good free applications, great camera quality, highly-priced, best and most responsive (not to mention sturdy) touch screen.

HTC: On an overall basis – great phones, Android, low battery life, HTC Sense, intermediately-priced, solid quality, good camera, 2nd best touch screen after apple.

Micromax: Targeted for poor, cheap build and quality, reduced life cycle, fine touch screen, cloned OS.

Apart from the above mentioned manufacturers, I am of the opinion that other manufacturers are even not worth being part of the list. So my verdict is that if one has money and doesn’t bother about the Bluetooth-sharing feature then Apple iPhone is best option to go for — else go for HTC, and the next option following that would undoubtedly be Nokia. Samsung, as a brand, may sound embarrassingly low-standard, but its higher-range phones are in competition with HTC which, though, is way better than Samsung in each and every aspect.

Though the above analysis seems to be exhaustive, it has been a long time that I’ve been searching for a good replacement for my Nokia E6, and I find myself, yet again, in an electronics store, looking for a new phone! I was talking to my father, who uses the Apple iPhone 4S, who said, “This is the best phone I’ve ever used, everything I want in flicks of fingers, no need to have a booklet to learn its features and all! I just love it!”, while I was talking to one of my cousins, who uses HTC Sensation, and he said, “I love it — its Interface, OS, Touch Screen, its Social Networking features — I just love it!

I rest my case with the statement, “Don’t look for a mobile device that has features, just seek a device that is best for one’s use!”