Benefits Of Solar Power; How It Could Help Us During Energy Crisis

Posted on March 13, 2012 in Environment

By Pallavi Gupta:

Solar energy, as it is harnessed from the sun, is a non-conventional form of energy and is the most easily available source of energy for the world. India receives abundant amount of solar energy in its region, equivalent to about 5000 trillion kWh per year.

With the use of solar power, one can cut down harmful greenhouse gas emissions. It is a better option for the environment than fossil fuels as it is not, and would never be, affected by the availability and demand of oil and so it would never be subject increasing price hikes. Solar energy is a renewable source and would never run out.

India faces a huge power deficit which is expected to further widen due to slower capacity addition and accelerated consumption of power. The country is blessed with excellent sunlight to power the entire nation and thus the answer to the problem of power generation lies in harnessing solar energy.

It is a part of India’s ambitious national mission to drastically boost solar energy capacity over the next 12 years. This has prompted Indian companies to ramp up solar panel production and make more advancement in solar technology. Solar energy has also improved the lives of many families in rural India.

With the development of Photovoltaic Solar Power, solar energy can be harnessed, so much so that it will be more than adequate to wipe out all power problems. Photovoltaic Solar Power is generated by directly converting sunlight into electricity using PV panels. The power generated by Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) can be used or stored in batteries for future use. SPV can be utilized for various applications, such as village electrification, desalination of sea water, domestic and street lighting, water pumping, railway signals etc. Drastic drop in PV panel prices and ever rising fuel prices has drawn attention to this subject. SPV cells are completely green as they do not result in any emissions and also have one of the shortest energy payback periods of about 2-5 years.

Solar power was available yesterday; it is available today and would be available for us in the future. The energy crisis faced by India would be resolved if it could harness even 50% of the solar power it receives.

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