Global March for Syria: The Pro-Assad Syria Speaks

Posted on March 18, 2012 in GlobeScope

By Saurabh Sahni:

The date was 15th March 2012 when a mass rally took place against the uprising. Exactly one year had passed when the peaceful protesters and civilians were killed. The bloodshed and the injustice that happened last year brought Syrian people on the roads to fight for their freedom and dignity. The gathering took place in Damascus in a central square, where thousands of Syrians were seen waving tricolor flags of Syria. The mass rally called “Global March for Syria”, as termed by the country’s Government, was initiated against the year-old uprising that is portrayed by it as started by terrorists and foreigners.

Thursday morning saw Syrian people coming out on streets in different provinces to participate in the Global March. Various satellite channels broadcasted live pictures of people in large number taking part in the rally. Syrian activists initiated the movement in an attempt to show their love for the country.

An order of the State had called people to show up for work on Teacher’s Day, which is supposed to be a national holiday, to keep dissidents from gathering as coincidently, Thursday, the 15th of March, also marked the one-year anniversary of the mass demonstrations that took place in the southern city of Dara’a. People preferred to show their support for the country rather than going to their work.

They were seen cheering and waving the flags of Syria, China and Russia, the latter two being the former’s main international supporters and in Russia’s case, also supplier of arms. There was also a flag of Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group that has been greatly supporting the President.

However, looking at the current scenario, not everyone is joining the movement with the same reason. While some have joined the movement for the main reason, i.e., to bring an end to the instability and the economic unrest that has been going on in the country for over a year now, some other have joined to support the country’s President Mr. Assad.

The activists have been continuously calling for support in order to bring in as much support for the movement as possible. They have been calling the local and foreign supporters through “Like for Syria”, their Facebook page. Various events to call for supporters from Canada, USA, UK, France, Norway, Munich, Egypt, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Spain and many other countries, have been created in an attempt to start off the Global March in different parts of the world. And the efforts of the activists are paying off well. News from different cities has it that Syrian people residing over there came out on streets yesterday and today to show their support. The list also included Paris and United States where a large number of Syrian populations reside.

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