Global March for Syria: The World Lends a Hand

Posted on March 6, 2012 in GlobeScope

By Nitum Jain:

It all began in late January 2011, adding another episode to the Arab Spring, when the citizens of Syria began their uprising against the five-decade-long Ba’ath Party rule, demanding the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. This wish for freedom is seeing a bloody path to fulfilment as even now, a year later, the Syrian authorities continue the rampage on the population, bombing, killing thousands, torturing and arresting innumerable others. A siege has been laid down since early February 2012 and the city of Homs is suffering a crackdown which claims more than 100 lives every day.

Surprisingly, there has not been even an inclination of intervention by any international powers, but the general condemnation for the Assad regime has been felt all over the world. As the protests are intensifying with each passing day, the global citizens are unifying to lend their support.

The campaign, Global March for Syria, has recently been launched, where supporters all over the world will take to the streets to on March 15, 16, and 17. A video by the name of “Againstthe Dictator” has been circulating all over the internet, explaining the it to all and sundry.

The March is gaining momentum as more and more cities all over the world have taken initiative to plan it in their area; right now several cities in New Zealand, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabi, Norway and the USA are determinately participating, and the continues to grow.

The Facebook page (, created by Syrian activists, is seeing enormous traffic and now also displays the links to location-specific event pages. The page description reads,

“It has been one year since the Syrian revolution began. One year of violence against peaceful protesters and innocent civilians. One year of bloodshed. And one year of a brave stance against great evil, but the Syrian people have vowed to never stop until the fall of the regime, until they gain freedom and dignity. On March 17, 2012 let’s stand with Syria against oppression and take a moment to remember the thousands of lives sacrificed since March 15, 2012”.

This country stands at the precipice of great change that will completely reform the future of the country, do lend your support to the 20.5 million brave Syrians who are struggling today under violent oppression.