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How Summer Jobs Act As A Simulator For Graduates And Graduates To-Be?

Posted on March 29, 2012 in Specials

By Harshita Baranwal:

Summer Job — are you aware about it? Let me bring it to you evidently — ‘summer jobs are often termed as internship training in some area of study, with the aim to re-orient the professional knowledge gained through academic study’.

Think Differently! And open horizons for one by investing time in your area of interest rather than waiting for the big ‘scholar’ day to come & offer you a clueless figured placement. As said rightly in Hindi “boondh boondh se saagar banta hai”, in the same manner your slightest exposure to the corporate world can make a difference in getting you placed in a, what we call it — Multi National Company with a high pay, of course! Such trainings act as great factor to dig up your goal of zenith.

A placement apart, what makes you a leader is the ‘edge’ (out here summer job) over others in various aspects. The summer Job is one right way to channelize your time & efforts in your domain of work & gain corporate exposure. Every summer vacation till schooling was more of fun, excitement & eagerness to explore new holiday spots & meeting kith and kin. But now as the competition seems to grow, you need to act for yourself & initiate instantly towards your goals.

Two months is not a great deal to get employed. What can be better than having a bond with the high-profiled executives during the course of your graduation & post graduation? Imagine it this way, you pass out your bachelors & now as you start planning something for your ‘next step’, you have companies standing right there for you to work with them due to your past exercise with them during the course of your summer training. Doesn’t that sound ‘wow’ to you?

Through these two months of employment, firstly, you gain corporate exposure. Secondly, you tend to meet renowned people in the industry. Thirdly, you have an edge over your colleagues in terms of knowledge, experience & practical study. Fourthly, you fetch a certificate of experience, which adds on to your profile.

Most of the graduates or graduates to be have no clue how to get hold of one of such jobs with big shot companies. My advice to them, please do not panic. Some ways are:

  1. Approach your institute’s placement cell for arranging summer job in a reasonably good organization. It may be possible if your institute carry a good name in the region.
  2. People in your family circle with good industry contact can help you secure a Summer job.
  3. Your seniors from the institute who are already regular employees in various companies can help you to secure internship offer.
  4. Many employers often need short term employees for product launch or exhibitions. Corporate houses are giving more emphasis to PR campaigns, for which they need educated boys and girls. Look out for such employers who recruit project trainees through newspaper advertisement or job sites.

Go Graduates Go! I am sure you can spare one or two summer vacation to pump up your career.

All the best.