Is the ‘Encroachment Drive’ the Only Way?

Posted on March 17, 2012 in Specials

By Ankit Kedia:

64 years of free India. Reforms having been made keeping in mind the aspirations of country and its men! Socio-economic policies weaved to embark upon the carrier of change, to turn the dismay situation into a burgeoning and spectacle growth story. With more globalization on the way, leading to even more new reforms, newer rules and regulations — but, amidst these developments, which tells the story of ‘Incredible India’ of this age, there is another side of the policy makers and the bureaucrats class that has been portrayed. A sense of social immorality!

The last six months saw many families being put in possibly theirs worst turbulent times of the life. The most affected ones where the usual ones — the helpless and the needy, poor. Reason? Many cities of Bihar and Jharkhand have been under the radar of the ‘Encroachment’ drive. The term, which, even before having been implemented at any of the homes is sure to leave goose bumps on any person. The officials involved in such a non-mundane task have declared that all homes which have been stretched out beyond the officially permissible limit, and are acting as stretch outs on the public transport road or footpath even, are to be scraped off! The reasons behind doing so are nuisance created to public transport and possession of unauthorized land belonging to the government.

Although, true to the reasons justified above, there is a big question on the how the un-decisiveness of the government with a nonsensical judgement process can ruin and trouble the people. With industrialization having peaked in the last decade in the state, people have migrated in search of jobs offered by the heavily-occupied rolling mills and sponge iron industries. Their settled homes and aspirations have, however, will be re- questioned soon, after the drive. Scores of people pleaded for mercy and showed guilt for having made use of extensive land without any knowledge, of how it may affect their families and future.

How can the people on power be unknown to the presence of such people for so long? If they really had to carry out such an act, it must have been done way before. There are buildings as old as 40 years, who had to bear the brunt of such a brutal act. If the government really is concerned about the people and the transport system and the roads, it could have been done so by making the traffic flow easier by placing proper technical systems, a clearer footpath, which again and again is occupied by the vendors who enjoy the free spot by rubbing hands of the inspecting person on charge. If at all it was concerned, the government should have made the law and order situation safer and more protective to the security of the residents, as there are reported thefts and burglaries at homes, kidnappings (17 girls abducted in Patna in the last year), load shedding, etc.

After the people having served the notices of demolition, such was the scene and mood of the people that they themselves started to demolish their homes. Such a scene really made the people realise how difficult times had become for the people targeted by the state government. They did so as they feared that the large hunky crane, while demolishing, would create more damage to their homes than otherwise. In worse cases, it so happened that after having given clearance for ‘No Objection’ to the constructed home, a renewed notice was served declaring possible clearance of the ground to a certain limit.

The most distressful act and feeling was to witness the destroying of those poor souls, who found it hard to earn money to even subsist. They were all left unaddressed and helpless to these already troubled times, and this condition of theirs made them cry their hearts out. All such untimely and flawed acts really leave the people to the mercy of those on administrative power, and thus calls for some mobilization of effort to prevent such acts in the future.