Let”s Go Farcical, Virtually [When Social Media Took Over Our Lives]

Posted on March 12, 2012 in Specials

By Ashutosh Singh:

The power of social media lies in sharing. Sharing, if seen through the prism of rebel that youth is often mistaken for, is about hiding your animal and showcasing your humane. No wonder, we witness nicer things (mainly by not-so-nicer people) disseminated everywhere on social media. Girls are obsessed with cuteness and boys with humour that often border on sleaze and slang. That these very boys keep liking those cute picture time and again thereby advertising their mating desire is a different ballgame altogether. We are animals and we will always be. Why be shameful?

A thing of nicely photo shopped picture is a joy forever. Not only does it provide you with solid fan following from the opposite sex but also forces the illusion of genius in you. Lack of talent is being celebrated like never before. Friends are being made like crazy. Socialization is unsociably rapid.

Yes, this is the revolution.

But of a different kind and dangerous for a country with as much historical baggage as India. Already known for its hypocrisy in matters ranging from spirituality to sexuality, this new medium promises to impose another layer to it. A layer which is getting congealed as we begin to spend more and more of our time on social media platforms. These platforms take us into another world, a world which doesn’t have any dislike button. A world where showing your artificial best fetches you brownie points. It boosts your self confidence. It makes you happy. In the days to come, it will make you sad.

A girl committed suicide courtesy a FB message from her boyfriend. Games and apps are being made in flash player to make you look fair, virtually. Why not literally, brands say. Quotes by great men are being copied and advertised as originally written by the person who posted them. Astrology, palmistry, tarot reading and host of other superstitions have assumed the shape of games. They are with you all the time through your mobile. Pairs are being formed and broken. Jodi breakers, indeed.

Is it because we are mature hypocrite that we exhibit such behavior on other platforms, social media being the latest one? Or is it because this media is meant to provide safe haven to cowards and liars?

A friend of mine jokingly told me how men whom she considered incapable of speaking have left her speechless in virtual world. They quote Kafka, Kamu, Groucho Marx etc, depending upon what she likes and what quotes he could quickly gather while googling in another window. Or tab, for that matter.

Ladies and gentlemen, theater of farce has finally gone digital and everyone is invited.