Of Mayawati and the Wealthy Politician

Posted on March 29, 2012 in Politics

By Priyata Khushbu:

Politicians abide by the rule of serving themselves rather than serving the nation. The practice of filling one’s own pockets and burning a hole in the tax payers pocket is not something unheard of. An important question that is being probed for ages is, ‘How do you end poverty?’ Well, the answer lies in equal distribution of wealth among the masses. Since ‘equality’ in the social as well as well as psychological sense seems to be a distant dream, the least that can be done is to have a fair distribution of wealth.

A majority of the wealth of the nation is concentrated in the hands of either the politicians or the businessmen. The nation was shocked by another such revelation when Mayawati was declared as the richest politician whose worth stands at Rs. 111.64 crore. It is preposterous to see the value of a minister in crores when a section of the society is suffering from malnutrition and living on the brink of extinction. A minister, who lives in a palace while an unaccountable number of people are homeless or dying every day — such a discrepancy in the society questions the very basis of electing the representatives of people who are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to robbing people.

This voluminous amount was revealed by Ms. Mayawati when she was filing her papers for the Rajya Sabha elections. In 2010, when Ms. Mayawati was elected to the Vidhan Parishad (State Legislative Council), her total income from moveable and immoveable property was Rs. 88 crore. According to the details submitted by her regarding her movable assets, she has Rs.10.20 lakh cash in hand. She has five savings bank accounts: in the Union Bank of India which has Rs.3.7 crore, Bank of India, (Rs.10.2 crore), State Bank of India (Rs. 29.34 lakh), State Bank of India (Rs. 24.25 lakh), and State Bank of India (Rs.32.10 lakh).

She also possesses gold and diamond jewellery worth Rs. 96.53 lakh and a silver dinner set valued at Rs. 9.32 lakh, murals worth Rs. 15 lakh and a revolver costing Rs. 5,390. The gross total value of Ms. Mayawati’s moveable assets has been shown at Rs.15,26,24,840 (Rs. 15.26 crore). The ex-Chief Minister of UP does not possess any vehicle and has not made any investment in National Savings Scheme, postal savings and insurance policies. The total current market value of the immoveable assets as given in the affidavit is Rs. 96.38 crore.

It is appalling to see such ministers who are rich not in values like honesty and integrity, but in vices like corruption and dishonesty at such top positions of governance and policy planning. Mayawati is infamous for her contribution to the society as a Chief Minister. Her riches present a horrifying picture at a time when thousands are dying of hunger and poverty.

Politics is surely the next big thing for people who are looking for pots and pots of money and lack ethical values. The eligibility criteria only require you to be a citizen of India, as most of our politicians are illiterates and hold criminal records. Politics is the only career option that promises a shortcut to money and fame. Politics is the breeding ground for such self-centred and egocentric people.

There was a time when politicians were synonymous with leaders who could be emulated but, today it is long-forgotten as a thing of the past. The politicians are epitome of paupers turning into princes, of rags-to-riches stories coming true.