Our Parents: As They Age Up And Grow Older

Posted on March 13, 2012 in Society

By Raviraj Anchan:

We all have, once upon in our lives, been kids and have lived under the beautiful umbrellas of our parents. We all have and are receiving the Love from them in numerous different ways. How easy it felt when all those little gifts were given to us from time to time. Our little wishes were fulfilled just like that. We just had to ask and we received it. “Hey Dad, I want that Bicycle”, “Hey Mom, I want to have my favorite Strawberry Ice cream today’’. So lucky are those children who have received such unconditional and unceasing love of their parents and so unfortunate are those who haven’t experienced such precious love.

Our parents have always, from the best of their knowledge and abilities, tried to bring us up in the society, but then also comes a time when every bird learns to fly on its own. Children grow up and have their busy working lives to earn a living. Many also have to stay away from their parents due to work and when the child learns to stand on his own feet, while those tired legs of our mothers and fathers start feeling the years taking their toll on them. But their hearts blossom with pride when they see their children supporting them and they say to their hearts — “Humare bacche kitne bade ho gaye hai” (Our kids have grown up). This is the story of every family.

However, as time passes away and our parents grow older, they deserve their share of rest after that long exhausting life, and as they retire, our parents at their older age need our total support and understanding and they then need to be cared as our children. But we get too busy with our lives. Of course, the love exists in all of us for our parents but often we fail to express and share it with them.

So friends, it is just a small message. Life is too short. Today, simply go to your parents and ask them, is there anything they wish in their life. Tell them that you really love them. Surely they would say that they do not need anything and smilingly tell you their happiness lies in yours, but we should still just try to find out and do all those things that would make them feel happy.

They just need the love from their children and it is the responsibility of everyone to convey that love to their parents in the best possible way.

Image courtesy: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/2011/09/08/parents-who-lose-a-baby-can-die-of-a-broken-heart/