[Poem] Speak Out!

Posted on March 15, 2012 in Society

Bloodshed, Tears, Grief, Anguish,
Around me.
And I stare with eyes wide open,
As if blind.
Do I care enough?

Everyday I hear of death and destruction.
Every dawn I throw a careless glance,
At the newspaper, full of new stories,
Of ignorance, prejudice, manipulation
And yet I stare,
As though I were frozen.
Do I care enough?


I pledge in my heart, to make a difference,
Big promises, But HOW?
Frustration, Guilt, Blame
I fall prey to the vicious mind games
Of powerful authority.
I watch television, in an effort to be more aware,
More understanding,
Never once stepping out of my home,
For fear of facing what I know
Do I care enough?

Step up! Speak Out! For today, more than ever,
She needs us.
Our mother, Our homeland,
I will take responsibility for the environment
Around me.
I will be more proactive rather than reactive.
I will not blame anyone but myself,
For out of guilt springs corrective action.
And maybe, just maybe, THEN I would have cared enough.

Image courtesy: http://www.nevillefineart.co.uk/feat_jf_2.shtml