Quality of Education Attracts International Students to Australia

Posted on March 20, 2012 in Education

By Vanessa Picker:

International students are choosing to study in Australia, as opposed to elsewhere, largely because of the quality educational programs, diversity of choices and safe environment. Most notably, international students benefit significantly from studying in Australia, through enhanced employment outcomes and further study opportunities, upon completion of an Australian qualification.

In light of the depth and diversity of its research, the Australian higher education sector is highly regarded. Various Australian universities are continuously ranked at the top of international tables, exemplifying the quality of the educational opportunities for international students. Importantly, there is a diverse array of educational opportunities, with thousands of courses on offer. Regardless of the degree path that is chosen, international students are provided with a unique educational experience, in which innovation, creativity and innovative thinking is fostered.

In addition to the traditional academic areas, the Australian education sector also offers vocational and applied educational programs. Importantly, the quality of training and assessment services is continuously monitored through the Australian Quality Training Framework. This is an internationally recognized quality assurance model.
The Australian Qualifications Framework provides a unified system, which offers students pathways within and between sectors, in higher education, vocational education and training. Additionally, Australia’s education sector is a world leader in the teaching of English language courses.

In addition to a highly regarded education sector, international students also experience a safe and welcoming environment, when studying in Australia. In particular, international students are provided with secure accommodation, meaningful local engagement, participation in decision making and good health.

The Australian government has recognized that international students often require specialized services, due to the particular challenges that they face. Thus, governments have taken steps to enhance the safety of international students. For instance, increasing police surveillance in known danger spots, and providing targeted safety information. Also, steps have been taken to ensure that international students are able to communicate with governments. In September 2009,the Deputy Prime Minister convened an International Student Roundtable, agreeing to establish an ongoing voice for international students, by working with student representative bodies.

International students are also placed in a welcoming environment, as the Australian government continuously supports activities that involve international students in the community. Thus, international students in Australia are welcomed and valued. This is clear as governments and universities acknowledge the strong contribution that international students make, to Australian life.

In light of the fact that service providers do not always deliver the goods and services that international students pay for, Australian governments have taken additional steps to protect the rights of international students. It has been recognised that international students can face significant information, language and cultural barriers. Thus, governments have ensured that increased legal assistance is available to international students. Also, the Australian Qualifications and Training Framework provides strengthened student- fee protection requirements.

Studying in Australia undoubtedly provides international students with a meaningful, unique educational experience. This can be attributed to the strong international reputation of the educational sector, wide array of degree options and welcoming environment.