Self-esteem Issues in Youth: How To Identify and Treat Them

Posted on March 18, 2012 in Specials

By Garima Rani:

Self-esteem is basically a psychological term which reflects a person’s thinking or evaluation of her/his own worth. Self-esteem issues are thinking disorders in which a person thinks that she/he is incompetent, unworthy, unlovable and inadequate.

Now-a-days, self-esteem issues are in discussion due to the increasing rate of people affected with this kind of disorder. At this time, as people of various places are becoming more organised, modern and fashionable, people are now more concerned about their looks and personalities. Some people feel proud of what they are, what they do and what they can be. Some people feel ashamed about what they are not, what they cannot do and what they cannot be. In these two cases, the common thing to be noticed is that these people are making themselves to think about something which is not to be considered as a great or poor thing about them.

These types of things should not be bothered at all, because it only increases the stress in mind which should not be there. It affects the smooth going life and the career also in a bad sense. Once these types of negative thoughts settle in the mind, then everything goes wrong.

According to a survey, seven out of ten girls believe that they don’t have good looks, their performance in their studies are not good and they are not good enough in maintaining relationships with friends and family. Most of the females are more concerned about their body weight and their figures, their estimations are much more cynical than as that of what they actually are. With this thinking, they do different kinds of stuffs which are really irrelevant and unnecessary, (anorexia and bulimia) and finally because of no effect in anything they take stress and also lose confidence in themselves. This also affects their personality and behaviour. They can become rude or dull. They lose confidence day by day and that can be seen in their regular way of doing tasks and much more.

To avoid these kinds of defects and thinking, one should follow any step from which he/she can live happily and stress free. One should communicate with others and listen to other people’s views of life and don’t ever stay bound inside four walls concerning about his/her personality. One can spend time with the nature, the most beautiful thing ever in this universe, be with the nature for some time and forget about anything else. One can read spiritual books; this gives peace to mind. One can use religious prayers which give a spiritual peace. One can make his/her hobby as a tool to come out of the negative thinking. Hobbies have the ability to take a person from his/her boring or stressful life to the interesting and jolly life.

These can make a person to step out of the unnecessary stress concerning life to the real life and realize that life is much more than what they know, life is really beautiful. One should realize first that, it is not the life given to them only for their sake; life has many more things other than him/herself. One should not only take care of oneself but also focus on other’s people views and ideas. It is necessary to have positive quality of life. Everything can’t be according to one’s comfort. So, one has to change accordingly to the environment. One should always remember that nothing ever stays the same, you are at the driving seat and you have to drive according to the paths and the traffic.