The New, Lowered Poverty Line in India: A Comedy Moment, Indeed!

Posted on March 20, 2012 in Specials

By Aditi Annapurna:

On Monday, the Planning Commission released new figures for the determination of poverty estimates in India. The new criteria classified  people whose daily consumption expenditures exceeded Rs. 22.42 and Rs 28.65 in rural and urban areas, respectively, as being above the poverty line. The online social world, as an obvious consequence, reacted instantly, calling this move by the Planning Commission as fraudulent and an act to misrepresent and undervalue the state of poverty in the country. Youth Ki Awaaz shows the chaos and flak that followed this decision…

Considering the fact that Rs. 28.65 and Rs. 22.42, as criteria appear to be inaccurate and miscalculated, the need of the hour would be to re-investigate data and figures, for The new poverty estimates could have significant effects on Planning and the Indian Economy.