The Rise of Rebellions Across the World

Posted on March 1, 2012 in GlobeScope

By Ashutosh Kumar:

2011 was the year of rebellion not only in India but across the world. People were unhappy towards the government or the private sector. The year was notable for bringing economic crisis to several nations, especially in the core capitalist countries. People protested against their government, irrespective of whether the country is democratic or undemocratic. After a huge group of people stood for their rights, some of whom were able to derive success, but the question is not related to the benefit or loss or satisfaction of any one. The question is that why are people unsatisfied and unhappy across the world. This is not a problem pertaining to any specific nation but a problem which is universal and thus we need to be concerned about it.

In Europe, we see a section of people who have lost faith in their government. They were protesting against the operating capitalism as they don’t want the concentration of money in the hands of a few people while many are jobless due to the economic crisis in the western world. On the same lines in America, people of America want jobs not war. People there believe that they do not want to fight Iraq, as it is is just a waste of good taxpayer’s money, and instead they seek more employment opportunities for their own sustenance. In Greece, government employees protested against the spending cuts and tax hike. In Los Angeles, in the University of California students protested against the hike in the tuition fees. Student debt in the U.S. now stands at roughly 1 trillion dollar, more or less equal to credit card debt, and is set to rise sharply with escalating educational costs and reactions towards it.

In Arab countries like Egypt and Libya people are demonstrating against the dictatorship governments and have achieved enormous success. In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak had to resign while in Libya Gaddafi’s long reign ended. The revolt began when a graduate unemployed person was forced by police to sell vegetable and fruits and he showed his anger by setting himself in fire. Seeing this, citizens came on streets to protest against the tyranny.

All these uprisings convey many things. They are shaping the world’s future. People are rising against the unhealthy policies and the corrupt governments. People across the world are demanding human dignity and transitions from a political to economic democracy. No one knows what lies ahead but this seems to be the starting point for some positive changes. The hope is that this uprising and struggle will facilitate and ensure a better future for coming generations and the social institutions they operate in.