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‘The Sky Is Falling’- Is It Really The End Of The Era We Live In?

Posted on March 25, 2012 in Society

By Manisha Chachra:

It was recently when I came across the hilarious jokes being jeered at India TV and other news channels on their so called breaking news that ‘2012 when the world comes to an end’ that during my prayer session I started interrogating God — is this really ‘the end’?

While I was frantically waiting for the call from the almighty- a quote gushed into my mind ‘nothing is permanent’. The very proverb was a notion gifted by the god. Looking around from a political, environmental, and religious lens, I discovered that our age is the ‘age of degeneration’ or as philosophers label it the ‘kaliyug’ or ‘the dark age’.

Political perspective informs us of the ubiquitous abuse of power, the exploitation of rich by the poor. Gallows of corruption which every now and then suffocate the ‘aam admi’. The ever-rising poverty, hunger, malnutrition and the ordeal of acquiring a two square meal has become a struggle today. For them who have money ‘money can’t buy everything’ and for them who don’t have money ‘money can buy everything’. The two extremes here are the rich but grouchy people and the poor unhappy and discontented people.

The politicians wear the cagoule of power and for them ‘power speaks from the chair they hold’. Bureaucrats have become the sycophants to the leaders because even they know ‘power begets power’. The entire administration believes in the right abuse of power, the voices of honest ones are stamped on because now it’s just Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’.

The military regimes in the neighboring countries tells the history of suppression and coercion, where ‘democracy’ is considered ‘old-fashioned’. These military reigns are a comfortable abode for nurturing the talent of terrorists and for killing of the innocent people. On one hand we are witnessing an ‘age of deterioration’ while on the other we can see the advent of a new age. Whether we call it a revolution or an evolution it is the new beginning for a vices free world.

The Anna Hazare movement against corruption, the widespread bribery and other tactics used by the higher officials to deceive the common man received the supporting stick of people hailing from different backgrounds and symbolized one united India. For that matter the popular Arab spring which was the outcome of cyber revolution definitely signals the arrival of a virtuous age. The pervasive media revolution has been victorious in reminding people about their constitutional and human rights. Therefore, one can see the world shrinking in a wee.

Looking at a social front, from a gender-structured view the story of women marginalization has become an epic. Ranging from Draupadi to baby Falak women are considered the property of men. Even after having legendary women and proving it plentiful times that ‘sky isn’t the limit only for men’, men couldn’t give up their ownership rights over women. The recent years have witnessed women movements in different parts of the world. The demand of women isn’t of reservation in different institutions but an urge to look at them as a human being and not to be a treated as ‘downtrodden’ or a ‘goddess’ who are either raped or thrown in the river in the name of conservative sacrifices. The outlook elucidated above cover the political and social aspects which on one hand signify the era of end while on the other onset of a new age with new hopes of a healthier world .

Looking the theory of 2012 from an environmental perspective one can see the era of global warming and the resultant Copenhagen conferences. The nature has been disturbed to such an extent by the most advanced generation that any time it can take its revenge. Abrupt melting of glaciers is the biggest evidence of our deeds of polluting the environment. The coolness of air-conditioners might soothe our souls but outside it is an alarming concern. The gas released by air-conditioners has affected the protective ozone layer creating holes in the very film.

If the advanced generation is devouring the environment, the tribal people have been quite successful in preserving the same. Their faith in nature and a candid attitude towards the nature preservation might be hopeful in conserving the planet for the future stalwarts.

Religious viewpoint elaborated in Islam and Christianity informs that there will be a judgment day when the god will reward us in accordance to our bank balance. The Hindu mythology also speaks about the karma theory which can be put in the following words ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. In other words, it is Newton’s third law ‘every action has equal and opposite reaction’. The philosophies become quite real when we study them in political, social, and environmental contexts. Life has come a long way. The idea of world coming to an end might sound hilarious but every chapter needs a climax, so that a new chapter can begin. So is it really the end or a new beginning to start over?