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The Story Of The Great Indian Roads

Posted on March 7, 2012 in Society

By Pavitra K:

On the great Indian road, prepare yourself to handle potholes, bumps, stagnating water, rash drivers, a few drunk ones, the public transport vehicles, unaware walkers, the compulsive stalkers, the annoying hawkers, and while you wade through all of these, you need to master the art of breath control too! (Ewww- that’s how we all go!) Stench emanates from piles of garbage strewn around, and also the drains that always seem to be overflowing. And the first ones to be blamed are- us. (Since we, as a nation, love playing the blame game, and love doing nothing about it). We use stuff, apply so much thought in buying stuff, but when it comes to not wanting to use them anymore, trash!- and there it goes. Apparently, the bulk of the population doing this all day (and night) round is ‘educated’.

A decent number of trash cans lie around with the ‘Use Me’ sign- in vain, though. Once it comes to the task of disposal, wondering if one piece of trash can make a difference to the already emanating foul and litter, by a random hand movement, it goes in the direction of the wind. Sigh. As the saying goes, little drops of water make a mighty ocean, and little pieces of trash, when dumped right, make a decent road.

It really does matter when each of us would consciously make an attempt to dispose trash/waste into where it is destined to be- and when it takes effect, we can breathe easy- in every sense!